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Wizards Only, Fools is the 28th episode of Season 5. It is the 130th episode overall.


Starchy asks Princess Bubblegum to cure him from his sickness, but she does not believe in magic.


The episode begins in the Candy Hospital with Starchy complaining about his cold. Princess Bubblegum claims that injection will cure him. Starchy quickly denies it, saying that only magic will cure him. Nurse Poundcake agrees of what he said because her father cured her as well thru magic. Princess explains to them that magic is just fake, which causes the two to cry, still convincing her. PB finnaly agrees, and went outside the room. Outside was Finn and Jake, sitting in a bench. The two askede how was Starchy. PB said that he's still sick. The two sighed. PB also said that Starchy wants magic to cure him. Jake quickly says that magic is cool and awesome. PB once again said that magic is fake. Then, she made a plan.

The scene now goes to the mountains, just beside the Wizard City, where Finn and Jake are waiting, dressed in wizard costumes. Jake then asks that were is the City. Finn suggests that it may be on top of the mountains. Jake stretches above, and sees nothing, just a bunch of rocks. Finn suggests again that maybe he can talk to the rock to let him in. Jake disagrees since he can't talk to rocks at all. Finn thinks of another plan, and charged right into the giant rock, headbutting it. He then fell down, and groan in pain. He then rose up, and saw Princess Bubblegum, also dressed in a wizard costume. She says that she know how to get to the city She then holds a recorder, and explains that the city was invisible, and can only enter thru a secret password. She now play the recorder, which was about her forcing Ice King to tell the password. Once he said it, the giant rock now views the Wizard City, and the three enter it.

As they enter, Jake questions why PB doesn't believe in magic, and streches asking that if she calls his powers as magic, she says that its just a mutation. Finn claims that he doesn't know where are they going, since every structure only has a sign in front of it. Jake suggests to asks the people beside them. They were actually Wizard Police, wizards who protect the city from fake ones. What they were doing was surrounding a person named Stranson Doughblow. who pretended to be a wizard. The police then points at a store where Stranson bought wizard items. Stranson defended himself that he is a wizard and showed the police coin tricks. The police ignored it and turned Stranson into a stick out of thier single eyeballs. Finn then leads the others to the store the Wizars Police pointed at. They now entered the store.

As they enter, the store owner, Ron James, introduces himself and tells the three that everything magic can be found here, and shows a potion that releases an explosion. Finn then asks for a cold spell, and Ron gets one. He then shows it, and PB asks what's it made of, which annoys Ron James. It made the two into an argument, Ron ended it by saying that the three are fakes, and presses a red button at the bottom of his table. It triggers an alarm that calls the Wizard Police and enters the store. The three now escapes, and fell into a dead end. An invisble door appeares and shows Abracadaniel taking out the trash Finn asks to go inside it, and pushes him. He only says that it is not his house.

The scene now goes to the underground building wherein BUFO, Laser Wizard and Forest Wizard are planning to exile Abracadaniel. Ice King was there invisible, looking at the blueprints. As Finn, Jake, PB and Abracadaniel went down in an elevator, The three wizards got angry at them, while Finn explains that they just want to rest. As the three are getting closer to them, the Wizard Police busted through the wall shoots lasers at the wizards. BUFO quickly makes a force field, while all of them teleported away. The Police now spotted the three and arrested them. Princess Bubblegum shouts that she wants to talk to the Grand Master Wizard.

In the building of the Grand Master Wizard, PB explains that all magic is just fake, which angers the Grand Master, and commands the Police to bring them to jail. Abracadaniel panicked by the happenings, and all of them got arrested. They now went to the Wizard Jail. As they walk through the corridor together with some Wizard Police, One of the jailers threw an underwear at Finn, which angers Jake. Then the police brings the two to their cell, and brings a seperate one for PB. Some time after, they now went to the jail's cafeteria. Finn and Jake were beside a table calling for Princess Bubblegum, who had just received her food. As she walks towards them, Abracadaniel tripped her, falling towards her food. Abracadaniel challenges Princess to fight him, and PB quickly accepted it. The two now engages, and PB won. Abracadaniel now asks her to finish him off, but she refuses. One of the jailers says that she should finish him or all of them will finish her. Finn says that all of this happened because of the cold spell his been holding. He opens it, and it releases snow. He realized that its a cold spell(Like Ice King's powers) and not the cold spell(Sickness). He now throws it to PB and the police came to command her to drop it. She directs the spell pointing them, which freezes them. But it came out of control, which froze the whole jail. Jake quickly covers her and Finn to avoid being frozen. He grabs Abracadaniel, which was frozen, and they all went back to the Candy Kingdom. There Abracadaniel showed Starchy a magic trick, which ammuses him. While distracted, PB injects the medicine to Starchy. The episode now ends here.



  • Ron James
  • Stranson Doughblow
  • Starchy
  • Nurse Poundcake


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