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Who Would Win?
Season 4, Episode 21
Who Would Win.jpg
Air date September 3, 2012
Written by Jesse Moynihan

Ako Castuera

Directed by Larry Leichliter
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"You Made Me!"
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Who Would Win is the 21st episode of Season 4. It first aired September 3, 2012.


Finn and Jake challenge The Farm, an undefeated fighter, to battle.


The story begins with Finn boasting that he can cross from one cliff to another. He jumps, but ultimately fails, and Jake rescues him. The two then start to run around the area, when they encounter warriors punching a farm. The Farm suddenly rises up and instantly defeats the warriors. One of the beaten warriors explain to Finn and Jake that he's The Farm, an unbeatable fighter. Another legendary fighter, The Train, comes along and fights The Farm, only to be defeated also. Jake thinks The Farm can't be beaten, but Finn explains that they just need to train. The two then go through a montage of training, but ultimately weaken each other through a fight. The two then challenge The Farm while weakened, only to be knocked out. Dream Warrior then appears. He explains that they can only win by using cheap moves, and the two awaken. The Farm is then defeated by them using their cheap moves, and the defeated fighters congratulate Finn and Jake.


  • This episode reveals that Jake has the 3rd highest score in Candy Kingdom in Kompy's Kastle.
  • This is the second time Finn has quoted that he wants bionic body parts.
  • Matthew Broderick made a guest appearance. He was the voice of the Dream Warrior.