830px-Titlecard S2E23 videomakers
Video Makers is the 49th episode of Adventure Time and the 23rd of Season 2. It first aired on April 18, 2011.


After realizing that they're showing movies illegally, Finn and Jake must make a new one, but they have some different ideas of what to make.


The episode starts with Finn and Jake giving drinks to everyone at their movie club. Then everyone gets ready for the movie. Lumpy Space Princess complains about Princess Bubblegum in her seat. As the movie starts, Princess Bubblegum notices the government warning against copyrighting. Finn and Jake then cancels movie night due to the fact that they have been showing copyrighted movies. Jake says, not to worry because the movies they watch were made before The Great Mushroom War, therefore copyright has no power. But Finn declines and decided not to show them anymore.

After everyone leaves the Tree Fort, Finn and Jake find an old video camera and they decided to build a movie of their own. The next day they started filming the people of Ooo, but realize that the film was completely random, and will never make a real movie, so they must think of a plot. While Jake think it should be a romantic comedy, but Finn wants an action adventure. This turns out to be a problem, because what Jake likes, Finn hates it, and what Finn likes, Jake hates. Once they are finally done filming, BMO is left with the editing. While waiting for BMO to edit they again start to argue about wether the movie should be romantic comedy or action adventure. Then they ask BMO which clips are better but BMO changes his screen to "back in 5 minutes" to avoid answering. On movie night, they have no idea how to movie will turn out, Finn and Jake present it to the movie club with displeased attitude toward themselves. Instead of the footage they filmed, BMO cut the whole footage and replaced it with his own animation showing the good times Finn and Jake had while filming. Everyone loves the movie and Finn and Jake apologized to each other on how they were silly. BMO ends the episode by saying Jake's favorite line throughout the filming, "check please".

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