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Pig (Lover)

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Polly Lou Livingston

Tree Trunks is a character on Adventure Time that can bake some killer apple pie. She first appeared in the episode "Slumber Party Panic." She is seen bringing a basket of hot buns into the Candy Kingdom. She made a much more major appearance in the episode "Tree Trunks," where the episode focused mainly on her. In this episode Finn asked the question "If you could do anything in the world what would you do," and Tree Trunks said she would pick the Crystal Gem Apple that is laid in the Scary Dark Forest. Tree Trunks has been a main character in exactly one episode each season. From the episode "Tree Trunks" to "Crystals Have Power," she made no appearances, due to the events happening in "Tree Trunks." In the episode "Apple Thief," she thought that her apple was stolen that causes some events which she eventually met Mr. Pig, which both of them love each other. She also made a major appearance in the episode "Dream of Love," where she revealed her love for Pig and caused problems. She is still Queen of the Crystal Dimension, as seen in the episode "Crystals Have Power," but was teleported to the Crystal Dimension in the episode "Tree Trunks." 

In the episode "Mystery Dungeon," she gets trapped in a dungeon along with Shelby, Ice King, NEPTR and Lemongrab.


My..apples..apples... YOU! YOU TOOK MY APPLES! - "Apple Thief"

Well, I'd go pick an apple. - "Tree Trunks"

The fly's wanted it, they can have it. - "Tree Trunks"

"I'm going sass those boys up Nasty!" -"Apple Thief"

"Finn, it's not sexy for a King to call his Queen bannanas!" -"Cystals Have Power"

"Even Brain Beasts get Lonely, Finn" -"Tree Trunks"


  • She has appeared as a main character in 1 episode in each season.
  • Finn and Jake love her pies


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