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The Real You is the 41st episode of Adventure Time and the 15th episode of season 2. It first aired on February 14, 2011


After Princess Bubblegum offers Finn to speak in her "Science Barbeque" when he saves the grill from burning down the stage, he must find a way to become smart to give his presentation.


Finn and Jake are heading to the Candy Kingdom and Finn has a gift for Princess Bubblegum for her Science Barbeque. The gift is a small scale modle of the Candy Kingdom made from Finn's saliva.


  • This Episode had other 2 titles, which were "Born to Die" and "The Smartening."
  • This is the episode where the Golden Sword was destroyed.
  • In this episode, a glimpse of Earth can be seen. It has a giant crater in it. A theory could be that this crater used to be a nuclear warzone, which could explain the massive crater. Or the Great Mushroom War happened there.
  • It is shown here that Turtle Princess is in charge of the library.
  • In this episode, Princess Bubblegum calls Finn "Finny" for the first time.
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