Titlecard S2E13 thepods

The Pods is the 13th episode in Season 2 of Adventure Time. It first aired on January 31st, 2011.


Finn and Jake plant magic beans so they can destroy the evil one, but all goes wrong when they don't know which one is evil.


Finn and Jake are seen practicing for the Ice Cream Marathon. They are tired, but Jake eats more ice cream and keeps running until they meet a Frog Knight. The Frog Knight said he was protecting Ooo from special pods. He says that one is evil, and two are good. He starts dying, and Finn promises to take on the quest. Jake gets his spoon out of a bush, that he had dropped, and was unhappy when he heard the news. He tries to decline but the Frog dies before he can. Jake then gets a idea to plant the Pods and slay the evil Pod, and Finn agrees to it.

They plant the pods and watch them, but they get sleepy and Jake tells Finn he'll take the first shift, so Finn can sleep. But they both fall asleep. Finn then wakes up as a Pod rises, and Finn awakes Jake. They both prepare to fight but it turns out to be Piglets. Finn then gives them a test to see if they're evil, but F & J decide they're not evil, because they only put "Ice Cream" under allergies.


  • This is the only episode that mentioned The Ice-Cream Marathon.


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