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The New Frontier is the 18th episode of Season Three of Adventure Time. It aired on November 28, 2011.


Jake has foreseen is death in a croak dream. Now Finn must prevent his death from happening before it's too late.


The episode starts with Jake's croak dream. The dream is in space, with a Banana Man, Jake and a rocket. Jake suffocates. He then wakes up after seeing the Cosmic Owl and tells Finn about it. He tells Finn about the Banana Man, and then someone knocks on there door, so Finn goes to see who it is, and it's the Banana Man. Finn grabs Jake and and makes them hide, then he tells Jake about who it was. The Banana Man goes away, and Finn and Jake follow him to his house. The Banana Man walks into his house, and starts doing this work-out. Finn grabs an arrow, puts leaves and twigs and stuff on the point, and lights those twigs and stuff on fire. He shoots he arrow into Banana Man's house, as a warning shot. It ends up coming out of the house, and Finn shoots it again. It does some stuff, then ends up behind the Banana Man's house. Finn and Jake go to retrieve it, and they see the rocket that was in Jake's croak dream. Jake doesn't try to change fate, and hops on the rocket. The Banana Man comes out, and the Jake asks him to come on. The rocket takes off with Jake in it, but it doesn't have enough power, and smashes into the ground, breaking a hole in the ground. They all fall through, and then by Jake's perception, it looks like space, and that is the scene that his croak dream was based in. But Finn wasn't in his croak dream, yet he was with Banana Man and Jake at the moment in time. Finn starts to suffocate, and Jake drags him upwards, and takes him out of the water, which is where they were. The Banana Man says "I just wanted... to borrow... some sugar." Finn then creepily says that he can never leave Jake's side, so when Jake and the Banana Man have another 'meeting,' Finn can be there, so Jake won't die. The episode ends there.