The Lich
Season 4, Episode 26
The Lich Title Card
Air date October 22 ,2012
Written by  ???
Directed by  ???
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The Lich is the 26th episode of Season 4, and the 104th episode of Adventure Time. It will air on October 22, 2012.


A visit from The Lich sheds light on Ooo's secrets.


This episode begins with Finn having a nightmare with Billy, the Bear, and an image of the Cosmic Owl. Jake, believing that it was a premonition dream says that they should go visit Billy and see what it means. The two arrive, and after the two describe what has happened "Billy" invites them on an epic quest to save the Land of Ooo from The Lich. "Billy" asks Finn and Jake to scour the land for all of the gemstones found in the Princess Crowns. They go through all of the royal princesses and collect all of the jewels but one. They then stop and recuperate, and eat sandwiches. Finn discovers that "Billy" has The Enchiridion and wonder why. "Billy" then reveals a secondary purpose of the Enchiridion. Apparently, their dimension is one of many others including a super rare dimension called Dimension X, which can control space time. All of these dimensions are interconnected through dimensional gateways, whether temporary or permanent. So then, they set off to get the last gem: The gem of Princess Bubblegum. When they arrive, Finn tries to take the jewel and she doesn't comply and accidentally stabs him with scissors. They take the jewel and are about to use it when the princess reveals that the person that they were working for is really The Lich himself. Finn is confused on what to do, and when The Lich tries to take the book Finn breaks it. This however doesn't work, instead it opens up a time wormhole and The Lich passes through. The boys then follow him as the wormhole closes. The scene then changes to a farm-like setting with Finn playing a flute (Presumably his flute), having a bionic arm and a large nose. His mother asks him to come into the house and apparently Jake is now a normal dog, even though he can still talk. The two proceed inside the house and then the episode ends.

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