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The Enchiridion is the book that Finn got in the episode "The Enchiridion!," from Mannish Man. In the episode "Evicted!," Finn throws it at the worm on his bed. Finn gets the idea to get the Forest Cyclops's tears to heal his foot by reading it in the episode "Another Way." He gave this book to the bear that impersonated him in the episode "In Your Footsteps," which the bear gave it to the Lich Possessed Snail. It WAS destroyed by Finn in the episode "The Lich." The Enchiridion was also seen in the episode "Bad Little Boy". It has been owned by 3 people overall.


  • The Enchirdion is a greek word for "manual."
  • It is also Latin for "Handbook."
  • Finn says he uses it to sit on it when the grass is wet.
  • Simon Petrikov discovered it, although it's unknown how Key-per or Mannish Man found it afterwards.
  • It is still unknown about its origin, one theory could be that this has been created during ancient times.