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Still is the 7th episode of Season 3 of Adventure Time. It first aired August 22, 2011.


Ice King has frozen Finn and Jake to have some quality time, but the two say otherwise.


The episode starts with Finn and Jake waking up, realizing they are frozen. Ice King shows up in their room and reveals that he sprayed them with Freezing Potion A while they slept. Ice King brings Finn and Jake from their beds to the living room. He then explains his reason for freezing them is so he can bond with them to become better friends.

The only way for Finn and Jake to be unfrozen is with Unfreezing Potion A, Gunter attempts to break the bottles, so Ice King puts them both on a high shelf. He then locks them and hides the key in his underwear. After Ice King leaves the room to make lemonade, Finn realizes that because he can't feel anything or move his body, his mental sense has been enhanced, so he attempts to mentally summon an Astral Beast to rescue them. Finn then appears asleep throughout most of the episode.

Ice King's first attempt to bond is to dress himself like Finn to better understand him, but Finn doesn't notice at all. Then Ice King chooses to dress like Jake, but Jake stops him by yelling to avoid seeing Ice King in his underwear. Ice King's Second bonding attempt is to give an uninteresting slideshow of photos he took of his penguins. While he's explaining the pictures, the key to the potions falls from his underwear. Jake attempts to get Gunter to bring him the key, but the penguin doesn't understand. Ice King discovers the key on the floor and puts it back in his underwear. Then, he sees Gunter bothering Jake, Ice King thinks they're bonding without him and locks Gunter in a cage.At night, Ice King tries a third attempt to bond with Jake, a 'late-night gab session,' but then falls asleep with his eyes open. Meanwhile, Finn finally summons the Astral Beast only to come in the morning.

In the morning, Ice King offers to cook omelets for breakfast. Jake thinks it would be great until Ice King says he's going to put his foot in the omelets claiming it will bring them closer together. After he goes to the kitchen, butterflies fly into Finn and Jake's room, and realize that they are the Astral Beast that Finn summoned. Finn is not propitious with them until Jake finds that they can control the butterflies with their mind. They use the butterflies to help them confront the Ice King, but he accidentally uses the freezing potion on the butterflies and himself. He calls for Gunter to bring him the unfreezing potion, but Gunter knocks it out of the bedroom window and does a cute dance.


  • This is the first and only episode that shows that Finn believes in an 'Astral Beast.'