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Make your own song about AT. It can be funny, sad, cool or dramatic. It has to be AT related, or other songs that fit the show, and must have clean language. You could write your own song or even upload a video. Make sure you write your signature after your work is done

Video Songs

          Marshall Lee: The Missing Scene

Marshall Lee The Missing Scene fan-animation

Found on Deviantart

Writing Songs

This is a lullaby sung to Marceline when she was a child. When reading it, imagine it being sung by her mom, or by Marceline remembering her old lullaby. Anime9001 21:33, May 14, 2012 (UTC)

Marcy's Lullaby

You're the dark what I'm surrounded by the light.

You're my comfort when my heart is filled with fright.

Nothing is wrong when you are in my sight.

When you are with me,

I know everything will turn out all right.

Marceline, you're my little star,

you're ingrained in my heart,

like a blood-red scar.

If I could live a thousand lives,

and each of those lives were a thousand years,

no moment in time would be as precious,

as the time I spend with you right here.

My Marceline,

you're my little queen.

Others may say that you are mean,

but they have not seen what I have seen.

Marceline, you're my blood-stained moon.

If we were together ten thousand years,

the leave would come too soon.

If you remember nothing else, listen now to your mommy.

You're my whole wide world, you mean everything to me.

Without you here, my heart couldn't see.

You're my baby girl, my dear sweet Marcy.

Something that I came up with in a few minutes. It's pretty bad, but I figured that I'd post it anyway. Anime9001 22:02, April 29, 2012 (UTC)

Mommy, Why Did You Eat my Nachos


why did you eat my nachos.

I was saving them, and I bought those.

but you ate them, yeah,'you ate them with cheese.

and I yelled, but you did aHambo,

I miss you so-o.

I res you pleased.


Do you even love me,

well, I wish I would know it,

cause you don't even show it.

What kind of mom eats her son's nachos,

they're not yours and you already know.

Mommy, there was pain in my heart,

do you even care that you broke it apart...

This song is for the episode that I wrote called "My Favorite Thing in the World" on the Episode Ideas page. Anime9001 03:59, May 22, 2012 (UTC)



I miss you so-o.

I remember the times that we have shared,

I remember the hardships we have beared.

I wish you'd come back to me from the past,

I'm sure that we would have such a blast.

But I haven't seen you in so long,

so I'll say goodbye with one last song!

I yearn to see you again,

but I can't due to his cardinal sin.

It's your fault Ash,

you sold him for some cash.

Well, darling, it's your head that I want to BASH!



I HATE YOU (slams bass on ground)

I HATE YOU (slams bass on ground)

I HATE YOU (slams bass on ground)

I HATE YOU (slams bass on ground)

I HATE YOU (slams bass on ground)

I HATE YOU (slams bass on ground)

AND I WISH (slams bass on ground)

THIS BASS (slams bass on ground)

WAS (slams bass on ground)

YOUR (slams bass on ground)

NECK! (bass snaps in half)

JAKE'S LULLABY-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This is sung from Finn to Jake. It was a song that I think should be sung in What Was Missing If Marcy and PB



your my best frieeeend

I'll do anything for you.

What would I do without you here?

We are a perfect team.

And now its time to say goodnight.

The First Group Adventure

(The song happens in "The Apples (Part 2 of 3)", in Episode Ideas.)

.Finn, Flambo, and Jaaake.

They got a lot do, and a lot of stuff at stake.

They're gonna travel the Candy Kingdom, lookin' for the tavern

What a lot of fun, for a couple of friends to be havin'

The adventure is gonna be very hard

And the worst thing is, they don't have the Banana Guards

But they have each other

Adventurin' like your mother (Wait, what?)

So off they go, adventurin'

Jake's Viola's like a violin...

And now the song's off topic.

Now the epic fun starts

As they go and eat some tarts...

After... They've.... Finished... The... Adventure.

The... Adventure.

The adventure!

2000 - The futuristic sound of Balloon Music (talk) 06:53, October 15, 2012 (UTC)

Marsha's Lullyby

This song was either sung by Marceline or their mom. Marsha couldn't tell.

Oh Marsha

You're my best bud

Without you, my days would be done.

What would I do without you?

My days with you are always new.

We are a great team

Now, sweeeeeet dreeeaaaams...

Finn why are you doing gangnam style?Edit

Finn, why are you donig Gangnam style?

Jake you know you should dougie.

Gangnam or Dougie does not matter.

Ganganam style is pretty awesome.

Guys you know dougie is co-ol,

you two please stop it's annoy-ing!

All that you've danced through,


Just dance and it's agreed, your

style will not change now.

A poem for Flame princess

Anyone ever wonder what the poem is that Finn made for Flame Princess in "Burning Low" I know I did. Well it took some thought but here's what I have come up with.

I've come to say that I can't ignore you

I must confess that I adore you,

You have a certain spark

Like a candle lighting up my heart.

I haven't felt this way in a long time,

but then you came along and everythings sublime.

I compare you to the rising sun,

Warm and beautiful and when it is done

we can see your magnificance even from far away

I've come to say that I love you today.

I am to blame for loving your flame,

but your wavelengths is my weakness

Your emmisions are what I've been missing


Marsha: Honey, (Marceline: Whoo!)

Marsha: I know what you need, (Marceline: What's that?)

Marsha: You want your so-o-o-o-cks...for ya feet. (Marceline: Oh yeah!)

Marsha: Baby, (Marceline: Yes?)

Marsha: I know what you crave, (Marceline: Oh yeah? What's that?)

Marsha: You want some love,

well honey behave!


Regular time!

just a regular version of the theme song I thought up one day :).

Regular time c'mon grab your video games we will sit and loaf on this couch

with mordecai the bluejay and rigby the racoon

slacking off will never end its regular time!

well hope you enjoyed Emoticon_nintendo.png DEER1JET 16:41, November 29, 2012 (UTC)

Who are You?

(C Major) 

Marceline: Who are you?

Marshall: I'm Marshall Lee and what about you?

Marceline: I'm Marceline, our names are similar

Both: Are we related? We're both kids of a demon... Are we meant...

Marshall (talking): To love each other?

Marceline: EW! (punches Marshall in the balls, or stomach)

Marshall: You're a pretty good fight-ah your soul's made of fi-yah (fire) but can you block the wrath of the vampire king (kicks out to hit Marceline)

Marceline: Heheh (Marceling catches Marshall's foot before it hits her and she flips Marshall over)  I'm the vampire queen, I may look like a teen, but I'm 1000 years old and more ferociuos than a wolverine

Marshall: Whatever those are

Marceline: yeah

(Mareline punches Marshall in the face)

Marshall: MY CHEEK MEAT!

Marceline: Heheh

Finn's proposal song to fire princess

I know we are really good friends But I don't wanna be friends with you I wanna hug you Wanna kiss you And I wanna be with you So if I get down on one knee And ask politely, FP, Will you marry me?

Sceptile Why Did You Eat My Fries


Cosmos400:Sceptile why did you eat my fries?

I bought them and they were mine

But you ate them yeah you punched my meat

And i will call a moderator

Sceptile do you even love me?

I love all your games

But you took my fries

What kind of member eats his friends fries?

And dosent look in the eyes?

Daddy there were tears there