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Snow Princess is the 38th episode of the 5th season of Adventure Time.


Ice King was arrested by Snow Princess, who makes friends with Finn and Jake.


Finn asks Jake if the Kingdom of Ice has been rebuilt, but he says no. Instead, looking out the window you see it all impact. But not only that! Ice King also saw that he was losing in a fight against a princess. Released, they wanted to know. Jake said: "Hello princess I'm Jake, and you?" and she "Hello dog, I'm the princess of Snow and Ice Kingdom. Not only this criminal wants to steal me the place, but with his powers created without permission of Snow Elements." Finn asks, "Are you human?" she answers: "No, and neither did my brother is human, we are trying to take revenge on all those who have wronged the snow! Now I go." after a while 'time played with BMO, a pubbilicità interrupts the game: "Simon Petrikov was arrested : its penguins will revelry!". So the two head to the Ice Palace, it is only full of penguins dancing Shurobe Skoiser. But in the dungeons had been dug a tunnel that led to a cave called The New Ice Castle, or rather, Snow. Meet Snow Princess, Ice King in jail and his brother Taipan. Jake asks him: "Hello, you're supposed to be the brother of Snow?" then he answers: "Certainly, I'm here for the weekend. Otherwise I'm out." and Finn: "Really, where are you?". him: "In the Kingdom of Snow, I heard that to reform was a penguin named Gunter." Gunter: "Week", Ice King: "Gunter, who gave you permission to get out of the cage?" And he says, "week?", however Finn and Jake told the Royals to release Ice King, because otherwise what happens: the Lich destroys the land of Ooo? Eventually they become friends together and release the two. Taipan tells Finn and Jake: "Tomorrow evening is the Halloween party here at home, would you come?" The two of them say, "Sure, but of course, we will be happy!" And so ends the episode.