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Snow Princess
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Snow Elemental

Introduced in:

Snow Princess

Latest apparence:

Snow vs Fire


Taipan (Brother) King Snow Golem (Father, died) Queen Snow Golem (Mother, died)



Snow Princess is the princess of the Kingdom of Ice, lives in a cave freezing, but we live well because of his DNA cold. He has a brother called Taipan and has a crush on Finn.


It has astounding powers. Most are those of Ice King, and then is able to create the frosting blizzard, riuscirebereo to hurt also greatly Giants Lava. And for this, the Elements Snowy are the opposites of those ardent.


  • Snow Princess
  • Xyz Summon!
  • A kingdom altered ice
  • Phuoy 2 (mentioned)
  • Snow vs Fire

Where does she live

She lives in an ice cave, similar to the ice castle in the Snow Realm. It is the princess who rules the Snow Golem and all creatures such as seals and snowy snowmen. Knows how to make a soup also not bad.


  • She is jealous of the Flame Princess
  • For some strange reason he always won at rock-paper-scissors
  • He's afraid of the desert.