Slumber Party Panic
Season 1, Episode 1
Titlecard S1E1 slumberpartypanic
Air date April 5th, 2010
Directed by Larry Leichliter
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Original Pilot (Adventure Time with Pen and Jake)
"Trouble in Lumpy Space"

Slumber Party Panic is the very first episode of Adventure Time. It first aired on April 5, 2010.


When Princess Bubblegum's experiment fails and leads to a zombie infestation, the zombies head towards the Candy Kingdom. Now it's up to Finn to fix it.


The episode starts out when Jake is playing with Lady Rainicorn. Princess Bubblegum and Finn make experiments to make a Serum to revive deceased candy people. Princess Bubblegum adds one more ingredient - exploding diarrhea. Finn ask her whether the revived people will be all wormy, but she denies it and say that they will be young just like Finn. Princess Bubblegum asks Finn to give her a tray which is dead Mr. Cream Puff is inside it. She then pours the serum to Mr. Cream Puff. After that, something terrible happens. He becomes a zombie and then he revives the other dead candy people. Princess Bubblegum pity the zombies but the zombies wants sugar. Mr. Cream Puff then attacks Princess Bubblegum. Finn kicks him off of Princess Bubblegum. They run back to the Candy Kingdom because they are aware that the zombies will go there because the candy people are made out of sugar.

Princess Bubblegum rings the bell and announces to the candy people to come into the Candy Palace right away. All of candy people including Tree Trunks,Jake and Lady Rainicorn go there. Finn is suprised when Princess Bubblegum announce to the candy people that they are having a slumber party, She ask the candy people to have fun and brings Finn in a closet. She explains that she did that so the Candy people won't flip out when they get scared by the Zombie.

Starchy is in the graveyard finding Princess Bubblegum bringing a bigger shovel because she needs it. And then he said "I will just wait for you here then. By the mauseoleum with my back turned and defenses lowered." Then, a candy zombie sneaks out of its coffin and he approaches Starchy. Starchy turns around and screams and he explodes.

Finn was surprised when he found out candy people explode by being scared. Princess Bubblegum tells Finn to royal promise her to not tell the candy people about the zombies. As Princess Bubblegum goes to her lab, Finn asked if he can tell Jake and Jake opens the door and says "tell me about what?" Finn nearly said about the outbreak of the zombies, but he covered his mouth. Jake askes what's going on. And Finn replies nothing at all and skips over Jake and acts like nothing happened.

At the party, Finn wants to play Truth or Dare with the candy people. The game goes on, until Jake mentions that what happened when you and Princess Bubblegum were alone together in the closet. And then Finn tries to prevent it by replied that he wants to play sock dodge. Jake says that Finn's sock smells like old Mr. Cream Puff. After that he tells Jake to play 7 Minutes in Heaven with Lady Rainicorn and when he puts them in a closet, Jake says that he will make Finn tell what is going on after he gets out of the closet. Finn replies that he can't hear Jake way up in heaven. Finn looks out of the candy window and sees the zombies coming. Chet said that he hears banging and he is scared. But Finn backs this up by putting on the music from the radio beside Chet and the candy people dance. Finn saw the zombies at the giant door then blocks it with a bench. Chocoberry asks what game does Finn play and Finn replies by saying that it's called blockado. The plan works but after that it seems to break. Manfried asks Finn something then Finn gets an idea. he gets taffy blindfolds from Taffy Girl and uses these to blindfold the candy people to play Hit the Pinata. Manfred suprised, But Finn said except for Manfried and Manfried relieved. All of the candy people got blindfolded and Finn starts collecting candy to the middle of the hall and the the candy zombies get in. Finn said "Smash the pinatas!" and everyone starts smashing the zombies and eat whats inside it.

After it's over, Jake gets out of the closet and ask what happened and Finn broke the promise and tells Jake what happened. All of the sudden, everything goes blue and everyone was frozen. Princess Bubblegum comes out of her lab and asks Finn if he broke the promise, and he replies yes, Princess Bubblegum then replies that you can't break it at any cost.

The Gumball Guardians awaken and take Finn and Princess Bubblegum outside and Finn must face trial by fire. Literally. Princess Bubblegum then tells them that Finn is her best friend. The Gumball Guardians then ask Finn to answer a complicated math question or die, but then one of them changes it to 2+2 and Finn said four. The Gumball Guardians start laughing and then they stop and states that its true. Their head explodes then Finn and Bubblegum goes inside the lab, everything backs to normal and time starts running again.

In the lab, Princess Bubblegum thinks about the answer of the last serum. She gets the answer and explains that she is too smart to see such simple answer. She puts the final ingredient to the serum and revives the dead zombies. Jake says to Finn that Finn should say that he made a royal promise because he knows what is it. Princess Bubblegum talks to Finn and said that hope he understands the full consequences of a royal promise. Finn then said about everything that happened in the event. Princess Bubblegum then says to Finn that he's cute. Starchy bite Finn's leg and Finn then hold Starchy. Starchy said don't squeeze him and then Finn squeezes Starchy and he Farts. The episode ends.


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  • This marks the first time that Lady Rainicorn speaks Korean instead of the weird sounds from the animated short.
  • A zombie Finn can be seen in this episode. It could be an "easter egg."
  • Jake comes out of the closet with a jelly filled doughnut, it is not known how he got it.
  • This is the first time the Candy Zombies attack the Candy Kingdom, the second being in the episode "From Bad to Worse."


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