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Sky Witch Title Card

Sky Witch is the 29th episode in the season 5 of Adventure Time. It is the 133th episode overall.


Marceline tracks down Maja the Sky Witch, but when she loses track, she turns to Princess Bubblegum for help.


The episode starts with Princess Bubblegum being woken up by her cat-alarm clock. She is shown to be wearing the rock shirt given to her by Marceline, and sits up and deeply smells the shirt. She goes to a closet, opens it and puts on a jacket over the rock shirt, with a picture of her and Marceline shown hanging on the inside of her closet door. She then goes onto meet with Finn, Jake, Pepperment Butler, Cinnamon Bun and three banana guards. She tells them that they are advancing the Candy Kingdom's defenses due to a perceived increase in threats and tries to train them to overcome sleeping gas that she has installed in the Gumball Guardians. When they are put to the test, however, everyone, except for Cinnamon Bun, falls asleep. Marceline suddenly comes in through the window and tells PB that she wants to hang out with her, but PB sees through the ruse and Marceline confesses that she really needs her help in tracking down Maja the Sky Witch because it is "really, really, really, really, really, really, really really important to [her]".

The two approach a large bush that Marceline finds impossible to pass through and thinks they should "blow... up". PB analyzes it and says that it is a Sleeping Gate Bramble, and that they need to take "the path of least resistence," or relax, to pass through. She makes it through easily while Marceline struggles, provoking Bubblegum to give her a cup of tea (though Marceline only drinks the red from the mug). Once inside, the girls notice that there is strong witchery going on within the forest, and encounter Maja's Crabbit Familiar, which flies away. The Crabbit's feather drops to the earth and transforms into a talking Hambo, which Marceline reveals is the reason they came there. She tries to grab Hambo but Bubblegum realizes it's a hologram that, if touched, triggers several wooden stakes to erupt from the ground. Initially frustrated that Marceline is forcing her to track down a toy, Bubblegum slowly realizes that Hambo holds a deep, sentimental significance for Marceline, and agrees to continue searching for him. After noticing a series of branches broken by the Crabbit, Marceline flies through the trees in search of Maja, leaving Bubblegum running desperately behind her. After discovering that a pond in the forest is actually a portal, Bubblegum swims through it and is magically transpotred to Maja's house. After analyzing multiple doors and hallways, she chooses a passage above a chandelier. While what appears to be an attic, Bubblegum searches through Maja's things and finds a receipt stating that Ash sold Hambo to Maja. Suddenly, Maja discovers Bubblegum.

Meanwhile, Marceline, who apparently entered the house before Bubblegum, is attacked by the Crabbit Familiar and engages it in battle. Bubblegum, realizing that Maja obtained Hambo through a legal transaction, which she must respect due to her kingdom's laws, decides to persuade Maja in another manner. While Marceline defeats the Familiar, Bubblegum reveals that she has obtained Hambo, and Marceline is overjoyed. Princess Bubblegum then climbs onto Marceline's back and the pair, appearing happy, fly out of Maja's house. It is then revealed that Bubblegum traded her most prized possession, the rock shirt that Marceline gave her, for Hambo. Maja, declaring that the rock shirt has even more sentimental value than Hambo (a notable feat, considering the history behind Hambo), tears off a piece of the shirt and throws it into a brew of some sort. The Crabbit Familiar, injured, crawls its way into the room and tells Maja that he no longers wishes to be her familiar, as he wants to be a dancer. Maja becomes enraged and repeatedly attacks her familiar with lightning blasts.

Major Characters

  • Princess Bubblegum
  • Marceline
  • Maja the Sky Witch

Minor Characters