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Sir Slicer appears in "Blood Under the Skin," as a man who makes epic appearances and has tons of time on his hands. Throughout the episode, he follows Finn getting embarrased at the challenges Finn goes through to aquire the Armor of Zeldron. Everytime he appears, he makes a repeated dramatic entrance always riding a pink horse. At the end of the episode, Finn makes fun of Sir Slicer for having nothing better to do all day, but to follow a kid around in the woods to make fun of him. At this, Sir Slicer gets embarassed and falls off his horse, because his armor is too heavy.


  • Sir Slicer made an appearance in Sound Castle 2. It takes three hits (one on each color) to take him down.
  • Sir Slicer is a parody of Baron de Ghost (original name: Danshaku), the villain in the 1981 film "The Fantastic Adventures of Unico" based on the manga characters of Osamu Tezuka.