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Return to the Nightosphere is the 5th episode in Season 4 of Adventure Time. It first aired on April 30th, 2012. It is the 1st part of a 2 part episode, the 2nd part being "Daddy's Little Monster."


Finn and Jake oddly wake up in the Nightosphere in a pile of bananas and attempt to escape.


Finn and Jake wake up in the Nightosphere prison, covered with bananas. They ask a guard there where they are and how are they going to go back to their place. The guard tell them that they need to meet Hunson Abadeer, the ruler of Nightosphere.

The guard then releases all of the prisoners. Finn and Jake ask why and the guard tell them that his shift is over. Finn and Jake with Jake bringing along with one of the bananas and Jakes new phone, get out of the prison hole.

Finn and Jake are amazed to see how big and chaotic Nightosphere is. They look at a suspicious cloud that can change everything in the Nightosphere. they ask a giant beast that looks like it is cut in half where is Hunson Abadeer, the beast offer them to ride inside his belly to the place where the Nightosphere Inhabitants wait to meet Hunson Abadeer.

Upon arriving, Finn and Jake saw a lot of them queueing to meet Hunson Abadeer. They try to cut the queue, but it is not allowed by the queuers. They decided to queue instead.

Finn and Jake have been queueing for weeks until they are on the front of queue. They take a ticket to wait again to get though the front door. Their turn comes.

Inside the place, they need to queue more to get to meet Hunson Abadeer. Then the strange cloud appears again and ask the queueing people which of them want to meet Hunson Abadeer. Some of them raises their hands, including Finn, with his eyes closed. The cloud attacks the ones who raises their hands. Jake, realizing this, told Finn to lower his hand, but Finn refuses. Jake then forces Finn to lower his hand and both of them hide beside a giant rock.

The cloud then goes away with Finn and Jake following it into a building. Then it shows that the cloud is Hunson Abadeer and they ask him where is the portal for they to go home but he attacks them instead. They run away through the other room of the building. They found the portal to their home.

In the portal, Hunson Abadeer tries to attack Finn and Jake, but Finn attacks him. It reveals that Hunson Abadeer is Marceline instead. She throws them into their home and said to them that she will close the portal and never try to find her. The portal closes. Finn and Jake are confused with the situation and Jake wants to take a bath. The story continues in "Daddy's Little Monster."


  • It is revealed in this episode that Marceline's dad has an actual name, Hunson Abadeer.