Prisoners of Love
Season 1, Episode 3
Titlecard S1E3 prisonersoflove
Air date April 12th, 2010
Written by Pendleton Ward and Adam Muto
Directed by Larry Leichliter
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Prisoners of Love is the 3rd episode in Season 1 of Adventure Time. It first aired on April 12th, 2010.


Finn and Jake get captured by the Ice King, forcing them to free themselves and seven princesses the Ice King has abducted in the process.


Finn and Jake is sledding down in Ice Kingdom. They break through a Snow Golem head, that it replaces with cat-shaped head. The sled broke. Jake offers himself to be a sled. Finn and Jake switch places as sled and then switch back. Then they run through penguins and carry some of them. They run through a tunnel and fly through the air and end up making a hole near Ice King.

Ice King is angry because Finn and Jake break through his domain. they told him to chill and the come to Ice Kingdom because there is a sleeping lava man in front of their house. Ice King create living snowmen to defeat Finn and Jake but end up defeated. Ice King becomes really angry and freezes Finn and Jake.

Ice King carry Finn and Jake in a wheelbarrow to his home. He eats trail mix halfway there. He complaints about his life.

Inside his castle, he puts Finn and Jake inside his prison along with some princesses. The Ice breaks and Finn and Jake are released. Finn ask Ice King why he kidnaps princesses and he replies by telling them that he needs to find a suitable wife for him.

Jake tries to release them by key-hand, but he gets frozen by Ice King. Finn tries to release them by finding something though his backpack and he finds his flute. He plays it for a few seconds and throw it into Ice King, but it broke down in the process. Ice King becomes really happy and dances. Finn becomes really angry but he can't attack Ice king.

Jake tells Finn to take care of the princesses. Finn asks Slime Princess how they are doing inside the prison and she replies by saying that he had held them for weeks. Finn then asks Wildberry Princess what did Ice King do to them and she replies by telling him that Ice king has been asking them lots of questions. Finn than asks Lumpy Space Princess. She complains that its boring inside the cell. Ice King said that he read them a book. She replies by saying that it isn't fun, but boring instead.

Ice King then bring his keyboard near the prison and asks Wildberry Princess to play it. She refuses, but Ice King forces her to do so. He also brings another instruments for princesses to play. He then goes to his drum set and plays it. Finn becomes really angry and tries to think on how to break themselves out of Ice King's prison. Ice King then stops playing the music and said that it was fun. Finn got an idea and ask Ice King to bring more fun stuff. While he is at it, Finn tells the princesses his plan. They need to pretend they are having fun to lure Ice King to get into his own cell then Finn will defeat him.

Ice King comes with a board game. He saw the prisoners are having fun and he gets confused. Finn tell the prisoners to party harder. The prisoners ask Ice King to get into the cell. Ice King gets into the cell and gets kicked by Finn. He is confused and ask Finn why because he thinks that he is fun now. Finn replies that Ice King has problem. He then kicks Ice King and Ice King fell unconscious.

Inside Ice King's dream, he asks why nobody likes him. Cosmic Owl appears and tell him that he is a sociopath. Ice King thought that the Cosmic Owl is a big nerd and flies away. He wakes up by getting tickled by his penguins and saw all of the prisoners have gone.

Outside the Ice Kingdom, the prisoners cheered. Slime Princess tells Finn that she wants to marry him. Finn tells Jake to help him and Jake says that Finn always wet his pants. Finn gets embarrassed. The episode ends.


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  • It is a common subject that Prisoners of Love should be the first episode. The reason why is because it has the main protagonist, and his evil doings.


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