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Princess Cookie is the 13th episode of Season 4, and the 92nd episode of Adventure Time. It first aired on June 25, 2012.


Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum attempt to solve a hostage situation made by Baby Snaps.


The story begins when Princess Bubblegum, Finn, and Jake are barricaded behind the Banana Guards. Bubblegum attempts to bargain off the Cookie Hostage Holder with a large cowboy hat. The hostage holder replies "No." Princess Bubblegum then proceeds to call the Banana Guard, but Jake stops her and says that they could sneak in and help. Jake says he wants to be a mailman, and Finn replies that he could be his shadow. Princess replies that Jake looks more like a milkman and Jake reluctantly agrees. Jake and Finn then are seen in their costumes. Jake and Finn proceed inside.

When the hostage taker asks who he is, Jake replies that "I'm the milkman, and I am here to give milk to the hostages." The hostage taker lets him in, and after Jake gives out bottles of milk, Finn tells him to yell out "Alvin's hot juicebox!" when throwing the milk at the Cookie at the last hostage delivery. Jake then tells him to relax and asks the Cookie what's wrong. The cookie then reveals that he lived at the Candy Orphange.

One day, Princess Bubblegum came and cheered up the orphans. When she asked the Cookie what he wanted to be, he replied "I want to be a Princess!" He then reveals that he said that so he could cheer up and help children. When Princess Bubblegum heard this, she giggled, but the Cookie took it wrong, as he thought it was an insult. The scene then flashes forward to present. I an attempt to console the Cookie, Jake makes up a story about how Princess Bubblegum didn't let him be a mailman, but instead made him into a milkman. Then, the story flashes to the storeroom, where a chocolate chip is seen turning out a children's nightlight. Finn is then seen ambushing the Chocolate Chip, screaming "Alvin's hot juicebox!!!"

The Rogue Cookie is then seen radioing the Chocolate Chips, but all of them are unconscious, as Finn took them all out. The Cookie then throws the radio on the ground, crushing it and screaming "I'm about to flip out, man. And take that crown!" After seeing this, Jake replies that he doesn't have to be in the Candy Kingdom; he can leave and start a Cookie Kingdom, and calls him Princess Cookie. Princess Cookie is surprised by this, and calms down. Jake then re-eters the Market, and asks Bubblegum for a horse, so Princess Cookie can leave. Bubblegum replies "No," and says that he is a criminal that must be put in jail for the rest of his life.

After going back in, the scene then flashes to later when Princess Cookie and Jake are seen outside with Bubblegum, the Banana Guard, and a white horse. Jake yells out that the horse is a trick, turns into a horse, and carries Princess Cookie away. They are then seen running through the Candy Forest. Finn then appears in Jake's shadow and asks, "Jake, what are you doing?!" Jake replies that he's helping Princess Cookie achieve his dream. He then asks if he's with him or not, and Finn replies not. Jake then pushes him off of himself and dashes away from him.

The Cookie then tells Jake to stop, but Jake says they're going to jump the Candy Gorge. Princess Cookie then forcefully stops Jake. After stopping him, the Cookie says that he can't do this. The Banana Guard is seen closing in. The Cookie then willingly falls into the Gorge in an attempt to end his life. The Banana Guard is then seen taking pictures of the Cookie. The scene then flashes to an Insane Asylum. The Royal Tart Toter is seen crawling on the walls and the Cookie, along with another Candy Person are playing Chess. Jake then comes in and says that there is a delivery from the Grass Kingdom. It is a crown, and Princess Cookie takes it, proclaiming that he's a princess. The other people of the Asylum then bow to Princess Cookie.


  • If one looks closely while Princess Bubblegum is deciding about what Jake should be, Stormo and Goliad can be seen.
  • This is the only episode that reveals that there is a mental hospital in the Candy Kingdom.
  • It is implied that the Princess can't age because she is the same age in the flashback as she is in the present day.
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