Princess Bubblegum
Princess Biggergum


Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum


18(Biological), Unknown(Actual)




Candy People


Earl of Lemongrab (Created Son) Goliad (Created Daughter)


Ice King, The Lich, etc.

Voice Actor

Hynden Walch

Princess Bubblegum (More commonly known as PB) (Full Name: Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum) is the ruler of the Candy Kingdom. She is super smart and super pink. This character was Finn's crush, but now he is interested in a much "hotter" girl whose stolen PB's place. She can be very nice, but very mean when she is mad. Her hair is made out of bubblegum. She is shown to be somewhat strict during her princess duties, but when she's hanging out with her friends, she is casual. PB is sometimes in events that she has to attend to like the Wizard Battle. The winner would receive a kiss on the lips by her. PB usually uses science to help out Finn & Jake on their adventures. Princess Bubblegum's secrets are troubling her when certain events happen, so she ask Finn & Jake to do something about it. She does seem to care about Finn at the end of the episode "Burning Low." She is seen in "King Worm" having coffee with The Lich. In "Lady & Peebles," it is revealed that she is pretty strong, and knows how to fight, evidenced when she beat up Ricardio.


She has light pink skin and pink hair, with a gold crown that has a turquoise gemstone at the top. The crown protects her from The Lich and his evil powers. She is entirely made of bubblegum, even her hair, as shown in


Princess Bubblegum's different hairstyles and wardrobes

"To Cut A Woman's Hair."She is one of the few characters along with Marcelline to change clothes a lot.


  • Massive Intelligence - Princess Bubblegum is extremely smart, ranging from reviving candy people to creating a new heart for Ice King.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat - Princess Bubblegum can also fight, evidenced when she defeated Ricardio with little to no effort.

Episode Appearances


Adventure Time

  • Finn! Jake! Please help me! The Ice King has kidnapped me!
  • Thank you for saving me young hero and brave dog.

Slumber Party Panic

  • And now to add three more drops of explosive diarhreea.
  • I care about you Finn.
  • You promised you would'nt fricking tell anyone. Oh your'e so cute Finn.

Trouble in Lumpy Space

  • Cheers Lumpy Space Princess.
  • Surely there is another way.
  • Ooh! I should not have drank the much tea!

Ricardio the Heart Guy

  • What a petoot.
  • Thank you for saving the day yet again boys.
  • Finn! What the cabbage!? I was learning about zanoits!
  • You should'nt punch brainiacs.

Too Young

  • Yo Earl!
  • I've magically become 18 years old again so i'm in charge again and Your'e FIRED! Ya butt!

What Was Missing

  • Marceline, that's too distasteful.

The Duke

  • Unless you feel like a fist cookie you'd better keep running.
  • Maybe there is Finn. Maybe there is ...


  • Yeah! I'm good. Haven't slept for a solid 82 hours, but yeah. I'm good.

Lady & Peebles

  • Ice King, will you please leave?!


  • What? Finn no! You're 13! Your'e way too young for me.
  • Oh come on Finn, don't be wierd.

Burning Low

  • What? This isn't about some petty love triangle. Flame Princess is PHYSICALLY unstable!
  • She's okay ... for now.
  • What?
  • Shut Up.


  • Princess Bubblegum's full name is Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum.
  • In "Too Young" and "Mortal Recoil," she is 13 years old.
  • In "What Was Missing," it is revealed that Marceline gave her a shirt and she wears it as pajamas.
  • When she is doing experiments, she wears a long white lab coat to protect her long pink dress.
  • She and Marceline seem to have an awkward past, as shown in "What Was Missing".
  • As seen in the episodes "What Have You Done?" and "Go With Me," Princess Bubblegum speaks German.
  • In "Too Young," Princess Bubblegum reveals that you must be 18 or older to rule the kingdom, indicating someone else ruled before her.
  • It is unknown what Princess Bubblegum's real age is.
  • She is Ice King's favorite princess.


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