Peppermint Butler is Princess Bubblegum's butler and he does whatever miniscule job she asks him to do. Although he looks sweet and minty on the outside, Peppermint Butler holds some dark secrets that no one knows about. This was revealed when he wanted Finn and Jake's flesh, and when he knew Death and how to go to the Land of the Dead. Though Peppermint Butler works for the Princess of the Candy Kingdom, it is unknown as if he is truly good or has other motivations. As seen in the episode "Wizard Battle," he sings Ultimate Prize Song, though his voice is off key.


I'm going to take it from you while you sleep! - "Death in Bloom"

Better not say nothin' you! - "The Real You"

Mr. Finn, Mr. Jake, I believe you owe me that favor now. - "Death in Bloom"

Here you go, my Earl, one plate of mashed carrot. - "Too Young"


  • He can sense evil as seen in "Mortal Recoil," when he looks at Possessed Bubblegum, because he knew it was The Lich.
  • He has a questionable relation with Death.
  • At the end of "Death in Bloom," he wants to eat Finn's and Jake's flesh which is what he wanted them to owe him (though they didn't know until the ending) in return for sending them into the Underworld. Whcih implies that he might be dead.
  • On the Frederator Website, it reveals that he is actually a member of Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn.


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