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No One Can Hear You is the 15th episode of Season 3 of Adventure Time. It first aired November 14, 2011.


After Jake suffers from severe head trauma, and Finn goes into a coma from getting his legs broken. The two must find the missing Candy People after The Stag kidnapped them and hid them.


The episode starts out when Finn and Jake are trying to save The candy people from a deer on rampage. When Finn and Jake are attempting to fight the stag Finn's legs are trapped on by the Deer, to which he replies 'whatever' although you can tell he is experiencing immense amounts of pain. The screen then fades out with Finn in The candy kingdom hospital, which seems deserted and empty. Finn calls for Doctor Ice-cream but she doesn't respond, no one does.

Finn then realizes that his legs are broken saying 'Aw, I broke my stems' and then proceeds on his search for the candy people in a wheelchair. While he's wheeling around he realizes that he smells so he takes a bath in the fountain, and orders the candy people to stop hiding unless they want to see Finn 'pop his top'. After this he Continues his search and finds Jake.