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Mystery Train is the 19th episode of Season 2 of Adventure Time. It first aired on March 14, 2011.


While on a train ride to Finn's birthday present, Finn and Jake must solve a murder mystery.


The episode starts when Jake blindfolds Finn. Jake wakes Finn up and says happy birthday to him. Finn wakes up and thinks that he is blind, but Jake states that Finn is just blindfolded.

Both of them then go to Cotton Candy Forest. The blindfold is opened and Finn says that orange blindfold is a great present. Jake said that it is not the present and shows him the train station in front of them. Finn thought that he got a train as a present, but Jake explains that they need to get on the train to go to the present. Jake goes to get the ticket. Finn meets the conductor and the conductor welcomes him followed by a creepy laugh. The conductor gets into the train and Jake comes with the ticket. Both of them got into the train.

In the train, as the train goes into bumpy road, Candy Cane Man accidentally hits Colonel Candy Corn in the face several times. Being mad, he shouts that he wishes that the Candy Cane Man would die. The train then goes into a tunnel. After going through the tunnel, the Candy Cane Man is dead.

Surprised by that, Colonel Candy Corn sits at another place. Finn becomes excited when hearing this and tried to find who is the criminal. Dr. Donut comes and checks the corpse. Finn asks Dr. Donut who he thinks the suspect is, and Dr. Donut says that maybe it's the person who shouted "I'll kill you!".

Finn then goes to Colonel Candy Corn and ask if he killed Candy Cane Man. Colonel Candy Corn denies it. Finn then ask whether if the victim has enemies, but before Colonel Candy Corn says who, the train goes into another tunnel, and after passing through the tunnel, Colonel Candy Corn turns into a skeleton, dead.

Finn and Jake are discussing about who is the suspect, and the Green Gumdrop Dude who is sitting next to them tell that maybe both of them is the suspect. Finn suspected him but the gumdrop says that he just want to join in the conversation. Finn yells suspect number one at him and the train go through another tunnel and the gumdrop dude turn into a lifeless skeleton.


  • For Finn's birthday, Jake took him on a train with random strangers, and they were not the people who were meant to go to the party. But they are the only one's that where there, apart from F&J.


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