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My Two Favorite People is the 9th episode of Adventure Time. The episode was nominated for a 2010 Prime Time Emmy. The episode came out May 3, 2010.


Jake is having a hard time trying to be with both Finn and Lady Rainicorn, so he tries to spend time with both at once. But this backfires on Jake.


Finn and Jake is fighting Science Cat and Shark at their Tree Fort. Jake is turned into a butterfly by Science cat. Finn says that they appears sharp at 4 o'clock. Jake then says that he's late to meet Lady Rainicorn. And goes to meet her with his bicycle.

.Jake arrives at an old shed, which is where Lady is waiting for him. They talk and Lady changes the color of things around her by Jake's command. Lady becomes sleepy. She goes to sleep and Jake is left alone on the rooftop.

Jake is on his way home riding his bicycle. Shelby, the worm that lives in Jake's Viola, pops up. They talk a bit and Jake then accidentally crash a tree. Shelby gives opinion for Jake to have fun with both Finn and Lady Rainicorn at the same time. Jake accepts it.

All three of then are having a picnic the day after that. Finn can't understand what Lady Rainicorn said and Jake translates for him. Finn having trouble understanding Lady Rainicorn and she gives opinion that they should use universal translator that Jake threw away.

They go to a lake where the universal translator is. Before merging through the lake, Lady Rainicorn zaps Finn and Jake into blue as a camouflage. They stumbles upon Lake Knights in the lake. Lady attacks them and Jake take the universal translator among a pile of gold.

They get out of the pond and Lady Rainicorn wears the universal translator. They first try the nerdy alien language. and it sounds weird. Jake then switch it into Nightmare language. But it sounds terrifying. Their last option is old man. it works perfectly.

Lady Rainicorn flies in the air. She is chatting with Finn. Jake got deserted. They saw the Forest Wizard giving free rings and decided to go there. Jake slipped his arms from Lady and he's being left behind. He finds them and saw them. Finn and Lady show him their rings. Jake ask for one but Finn can't take it off because its cursed.

At the Tree Fort Finn is playing BMO with Lady Rainicorn. Jake sighs loudly and it disturbs Finn and Lady. They ask Jake what is his problem but Jake wont tell them. Finn and Lady want to go to party at Cloud Kingdom and they ask Jake whether he wants to go with them but Jake didn't accept their invitation.

A few hours passed. Jake calls the Cloud Kingdom wanting to talk with Finn and Lady Rainicorn but they are away from the party already. Jake goes to Lady Rainicorn house and he saw Finn and Lady hanging out together. He gets jealous and tries to make them jealous by calling one of his friends. He calls Tiffany.

Finn and Lady Rainicorn miss Jake then they heard a viola sound and goes to its source. There, they saw Jake playing viola with Tiffany. Lady Rainicorn cried because she's jealous. Finn ask Jake to stop it but Jake didn't want to and he said that he want to make both of them jealous because Tiffany is a boy. Finn is surprised and starts to attack Tiffany.

While they are fighting, Jake and Lady Rainicorn had a little conversation and Jake decides to throw away the universal translator. Tiffany runs away from Finn and tells Finn that he will become Jake best friend but Finn spits at him. He runs away. Then Finn, Jake and Lady Rainicorn hug each other, ending the episode.


Main Characters

  • Finn
  • Jake
  • Lady Rainicorn

Minor Characters

  • Shark
  • Science Cat
  • BMO
  • Lake Knights
  • Tiffany
  • Shelby
  • Snail
  • Forest Wizard
  • Cloud People
  • Party Bears


  • This episode was the first episode nominated for an award.
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