Day 7 - Muscle Princess
Muscle Princess is a princess of an unknown kingdom. Her first appearance was made in the episode "What is Life?," where she and many other princess' appeared. She also came out in the episode "Loyalty to the King," where she was seen beating up the Ice King. She made her first solo apperance in the episode "To Cut A Woman's Hair," where Finn visited her castle and asked her for some of her hair. She did not understand what Finn wanted and thought he was hitting on her. She ended up saying "Come back when you want to get serious about lovin' me!" Her latest appearance was in "Princess Monster Wife," when Ice King stole her arm to make his own princess.


Muscle Princess has huge muscles, as her name provokes. She has brown hair that has a love heart-type hair style at the sides. She wears a blue shirt and has faded green skin.


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