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Mini Queen is a character who appears in "His Hero" and in Ice King's Imagination Zone in the episode "What is Life?." Near the end of "Loyalty to the King," she can be seen in an aerial view when Jake is using his ear-shield to push through the princesses. She is, as her name suggests, a tiny queen.

She appears to have both human and insect characteristics. She cannot speak loud or clear enough for people to understand, but can write notes using her antennae.

In "His Hero," she is inexplicably abducted by the Swamp Giant, being kept amidst the mushrooms on his head before she is rescued. She leaves Finn a note asking him to call her before leaving his care. Billy claims that she is "already kidnapped by another monster" or "probably dead," but this seems unlikely as he has little basis for this and turned out wrong on the same subject later (though it was revealed in the episode storyboard that she was kidnapped by goblins shortly after being rescued).

Mini Queen rules Littleland, which has not been seen in the series. In "What is Life?," she appears next to Laurel Princess and Lizard Princess, making a tiny cameo appearance.


She has a ladybug-like body and her wings are pink. Her skin is brown. Her hair is in a bob style and she has rosy cheeks. She has a gold crown with small red stones on top.


  • Mini Queen is the fourth character in the show to have "Queen" in their full name, after Lumpy Space Queen, Marceline and Gary.
  • Mini Queen is yet another person of nobility to have a crush on Finn. This is supported since she wrote "XOXO CALL ME" on Finn's hand.
  • She was originally called Tiny Princess, which explains why she was seen in Ice King's Imagination Zone in "What is Life?." As this episode took place 10 episodes earlier and Ice King was recalling people he had met before, it is possible that she had met Ice King as a princess and later became Queen by the time she met Finn and Jake. It is possible she may have been called Mini Princess at this time too.
  • She is the smallest queen to ever appear in the series.
  • In "What is Life?" and "His Hero," she had different appearances.
  • In the storyboard of "His Hero," after Finn and Jake saved her she was taken by goblins.