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Melissa is a character that first appeared in "Trouble in Lumpy Space," when she is called by Lumpy Space Princess to drive Finn and Jake to Makeout Point, but instead stops at her boyfriend Brad's house first. She speaks in the same cali-girl dialect as Lumpy Space Princess. She has a very high voice that is mostly always cheerful, except when she thinks that Finn wants to make out with her and reminds him that she has a boyfriend. She's Lumpy Space Princess's best friend and is currently dating her ex-boyfriend, Brad. Like Lumpy Space Princess, she has a car. She has been mentioned many times in the show, mostly over Lumpy Space Princess's phone. She is one of the many girls who have a crush on Finn


She is the only Lumpy Space Person who has full eyes and eyelashes instead of dots. She has a purple spot in the center of her face and is relatively pink with red cheeks. She is the same shape as LSP, except she has a swirl on her forehead that looks like her "hair style." Like most Lumpy People, she does not have a symbol on her head.



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