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Marceline's Closet is the 73rd episode of Adventure Time and the 21st episode in Season 3. It first aired on December 12, 2011.


Finn and Jake go to Marceline's House to jam, but all goes wrong when the two are stuck inside her house while playing Cloud Hunt. They must now find a way out before she finds out that they're there.


Finn and Jake go over to Marceline's house for a Band Session, but Marceline is not home, so Finn and Jake decide to play Cloud Hunt to past the time. But after Jake goes into Marceline's house when told not to, and Finn is dragged into the situation, Marceline gets home and things get complicated. Finn and Jake then hide in Marceline's closet to avoid getting caught. Then they hear Marceline sing a song that she wanted no one to hear, so Jake then gets worried and attempts to escape by making a hole in the wall and shrinking down, but he thens runs back after a spider chases him out.

The spider then leaves the closet and knocks over Marceline's lamp and Marceline heads towards her closet. Finn and Jake hide, and Marceline grabs her broom and leaves the closet. She cleans up the lamp glass and goes to take a bath. Jake tells Finn to scope out the seen and Finn crawls his way into Marcline's bathroom without looking, and he then see's Marceline naked (Which is probably an accident since he did not now where he was going and did not see Marceline beforehand), he then retreats back to Marceline's closet and tells Jake that he's not going back out there. Jake asks why, but Finn does not respond.

Finn then Has a Plan to distract Marceline by throwing a paper airplane down stairs and it makes eggs and eats them and then Marceline goes to check it out while they escape, but the plan fails after it lands in the garbage bin after it comes back from eating the eggs. Marceline then turns off the lights and sleeps. Finn and Jake then attempt to escape again. They both awaken Marceline after they quietly scream at each other and then attempt to both disguise theirselves. Finn disguises himself as a Lamp while Jake disguies himself as Finn, which Finn asks why did he, but Marceline then asks them what they're doing there and Finn explains to her about the incident. Marceline forgives them after stating she hides in their House all the time.

After a wary glance at eachother, Finn and Jake are back at their own house. Finn is seen reading a comic and Jake is taking a shower, Finn then hears a noise and says "....Marceline?" Then Jake walks in the room and scares Finn. Marceline can be seen howling like a owl on top of the Tree Fort at the end of the episode.


Finn the Human

Jake the Dog

Marceline the Vampire Queen


Tree Fort

Marceline's House



  • This is the only episode that mainly takes place in Marceline's House.
  • In Mortal Recoil, Finn states that it is "pervy" to peek inside PB's bathroom. But in here, he looked at Marcy's. But he wasn't really paying attention. So its most likely an incident.
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