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Magic Wands

Magic Wands were used in the episode "The Pods." The wands came out of the second pod. They glittered with rainbow stripes and stars when waved around, but were used very violently by the little Piglets. If hit by the wands powers, it causes the person to dance uncontrollably and anything non-living will be destroyed. Jake was hit by one, but after he ate all the ice cream, he seemed to be okay, so it is possible that the cure is ice cream.


They are wands that have a colorful star at its end. They are able to create glitter and rainbows. It has tons of glitter so it makes people dance.


  • The wands seem to have an effect when The Piglets used them, but when Finn and Jake use them, they just spat out glitter and rainbows.
  • It is technically unknown which Pod was the evil one, but if it was any of them, it would be this one. The Piglets were sort of evil, but if there were no wands, they wouldn't be evil.