Magic Fist fist

Magic Fist is a disguise that Finn and Jake came up with on the spot in order to enter Wizard Battle, in the episode of the same name. They entered to stop Ice King from cheating to win a kiss from Princess Bubblegum. Jake states that Finn is only stopping Ice King because he himself wants a kiss from PB, but Finn denies this statement. This disguise came out of the pile of weapons that the wizards had to leave behind before the battle started. Finn came up with the name of his personality off the top of his head when Abracadaniel asked him who he is. In this disguise, Finn and Jake assist Abracadaniel to get to the finals of the wizard battle, only to defeat him with the most shameful of all magic, a power shriek. Finn uses this shriek when he and Jake forfeit the battle, and Abracadaniel is about to get a kiss from PB. Finn is turned into a cat by the Grand Master Wizard for forfeiting, but then while shrieking, Finn destroys his cat-form, and turns back to normal Finn, while defeating Abracadaniel. Right before Finn gets his kiss from PB, he trips and his disguise is discovered. PB still kisses him afterward, but she also slaps him for cheating.


  • This is the second time Finn and Jake transformed into one, first was the "Jake Suit".


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