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Pendleton Ward

Lumpy Space Princess (more commonly know as LSP) is the Princess of Lumpy Space. She is voiced by the creator of Adventure Time, Pendleton Ward. She is the second most recurring princess character after Princess Bubblegum. Finn and Jake have both traveled to Lumpy Space, as well to her parents' residence after she accidentally bit Jake in "Trouble in Lumpy Space." In "The Other Tarts," she made a cameo on Royal Tart Toter's imagimation. Since "To Cut A Woman's Hair," LSP moved out and has been living homeless in Ooo. She was shown as a dirty homeless girl living in a tent and heating up a can of beans in "Heat Signature." According to her story in "The Monster," she lived among wolves, and was banished because she blurted an embarassing truth, and later began terrorizing a small village as a 'monster' in order to eat their crops. She then ultimately returned to Lumpy Space to make up with her parents. But in "Gotcha!," LSP is back in Ooo, and is once again homeless. In "Worm King," she is seen raining from the sky while Finn and Jake are climbing the mountain.


Lumpy Space Princess looks like a floating purple cloud and speaks in a somewhat masculine voice, like most Lumpy Space People. LSP has sharp teeth as well as a yellow star on her forehead that glows while she is floating. There appears to be short hair on her body, which she claims to be more of her "lumps." She is not seen wearing a crown, like other princesses, however, the star on her head may represent royalty, given that the only other Lumpy Space People with that characteristic are her parents. When the star isn't glowing, she stops floating. It is also shown that the star is deep into her head.


Oh My Glob. - Various episodes

What the Lump! - Various episodes

Lump off! - Various episodes

What the stuff are you doing?! - "To Cut A Woman's Hair"

Finn, what the junk! - "Video Makers"

DRAMA BOMB! - "It Came from the Nightosphere"

Oh! Oh my heart hurts because I FELL OUT OF LOVE! - "Conquest of Cuteness"

Whatever it's 2009! - "Trouble in Lumpy Space"

There's gonna be a lot of emotional tension on this ride. I used to eat chilli cheese fries with Brad. - "Trouble in Lumpy Space"


LSP is a sassy teenage girl who is so annoying. She thinks Finn has a crush on her and she thinks she is beautiful and talented. She can be a good friend sometimes.


Lumpy Space Princess Quotes

Lumpy Space Princess Quotes

Oh My Glob

Adventure time - Lumpy Space Princess

Adventure time - Lumpy Space Princess


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