Lumpy Space is a location that is, unlike most locations, not in the Land of Ooo. The entrance is a Frog with magic teleportation power (it swallows them and then appear in Lumpy Space). It is home to the Lumpy Space People. The area resembles clouds in the night sky. It has a bottomless pit that is called Lumpy Abyss. Falling into the abyss would cause you to fall forever. Using a car is the only way to get around. Other than that, Lumpy Space People can simply float instead of using a car. There are many known inhabitants that live here and many locations with in the area such as Lumpy Space Princess's house and Makeout Point. It has only seen in the episode "Trouble in Lumpy Space."


  • In the game Jumping Finn, if you reach high enough, you'll end up in Lumpy Space.


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