Lady Rainicorn
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Lady Rainicorn








Bob (Father) Ethel (Mother)


Candy Zombies, Ice King

Voice Actor

Niki Yang

Lady Rainicorn is a colorful character of the show. She speaks Rainicornian (Korean) and is in a relationship with Jake. She has a long body, and she can fly. She has made multiple appearances on the show, making her one of the eight main characters. She first came out in the episode "Slumber Party Panic" where she was seen with Jake twice. In the episode "My Two Favorite People," she was given a Universal Translator, so that Finn could understand what she was saying. In the episode  "Her Parents," Jake is worried that Lady's Parents will hate him because he is a dog, so he disguises himself as a Rainicorn using Stretchy Powers. In the episode "Lady & Peebles," it is revealed that she is pregnant with Jake's children. These are the Rainbow Pupsters, which she gives birth to in the episode "Jake The Dad," although it never shows her actually giving birth. Lady is friends with Princess Bubblegum, and is technically her pet, but they still have a strong friendship.


She has a very long body, which is multi-colored. She has a long and pointy white horn on her head and a thick blonde mane running across the first half of her body. She has small legs and small arms. She also has similar eyes with Jake. Lady Rainicorn's body is medium long, probably because Bob, her father, has a very short body and Ethel, her mother, has an extra-long body.


  • Flight - In "My Two Favorite People," Lady explained that she can fly when the sun hits her planet (indicating that there is a Rainicorn planet) and bounces off to Earth, they perceive color. Rainicorns use color to bounce off it, having them fly.
  • Rainbow Ray - In many episodes, it is shown that she can change the color of things by shooting a ray from her horn.
  • Phasing - It is first introduced that Lady can phase through walls and objects in the episode "The Creeps." In this episode, she morphed through the ceiling with Bubblegum, Finn, and Jake on her back to the attic. Her morphing ability is also shown in the episode "Lady & Peebles," where PB told Lady to morph through the wall when they were in trouble.


  • In the episode "Burning Low," It is shown that she has reached "Tier Eight" with Jake (Touching her horn for the very first time), and they have already surpassed Tier 5 (discovering all 15 feet of her stomach.)
  • She and Jake became a couple because of their common interest in the viola.
  • In "Lady & Peebles" it is revealed she was pregnant with 5 Rainidogs (Or Condogs), as seen on Princess Bubblegum's radar.
  • She speaks Rainicornian (Korean), but can speak English to an extent, as shown in "Lady and Peebles."
  • She says "kroooo" in the animated short.
  • She has speaked English in some episodes like in Lady & Peebles,she said 'Im pregnant'!


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