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King Worm is the 18th episode in Season 4 of Adventure Time. It aired on August 13th, 2012.


Finn is trapped inside a dream, and must break out.


The episode starts when Finn is awakened by Princess Bubblegum, where he is king of Candy Kingdom. Finn soon realizes that it's a dream, and he soon appears in the woods with Flame Princess telling him that he has to eat soup. The scene then changes to the Tree Fort, where Flame Princess becomes nothing but voices, and then transforms into Peppermint Butler. Peppermint Butler explains that he is trapped inside a dream, and must destroy the Worm King. Finn then meets Jake in his dream, where Lady Rainicorn has two mouths, and he explains that if you fill the dream with your subconscious fears, the integrity of the dream shatters. The two meet Ice King, where he is being chased by two giant Gunters. The two then chase after the Worm King, and see Joshua. Joshua then knits out the Worm King, and the Worm King attempts to escape from Finn and Jake. After he gets away, Finn chases after him with his "big legs," while Jake does the same, but with birds for feet. After reaching the summit of a mountain (while Lumpy Space Princesses are raining), the Worm King is frozen, and Finn and Jake smash him. The two then wake up. Jake then melts, and Worm King appears. Worm King reveals that he is draining Finn's and Jake's life force. Finn then attempts to shatter the dream by creating his greatest fears. The Lich appears, along with clowns, Princess Bubblegum, and the ocean. After shattering the dream, Finn tells Worm King to "get out of our house, King Worm!" And Worm King leaves. After he leaves, Finn pinches Jake to check that it is real, not a dream, which then ends the episode.



  • The Lich appears in the title card.
  • The Ghost Lady from "The Creeps" makes a return in this episode.
  • Finn's ear nubs are slightly taller in this episode, but return to normal after he breaks out of the dream with Jake.
  • This episode reveals that Finn's greatest fears are: Clowns, The Lich, Princess Bubblegum having coffee with the Lich, being rejected by someone because he's too young, the ghost lady from "The Creeps" and the ocean.
  • Ice King refers Finn and Jake as Fionna and Cake in this episode.
  • The Fear Feaster unlocks Finn's deepest fears in this episode.
  • This is most likely a continuation of "Evicted!," although there a contradicting ideas among fans that this may not be the "Evicted!" continuation, due to the appearances of some characters that never appeared in Evicted!, such as Flame Princess.