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Jake vs. Me-Mow is 16th episode of Season 3 of Adventure Time. It first aired November 21, 2011. A young Adventure Time fan created Me-Mow; He also drew the Title Card.


Jake must kill Wildberry Princess, as the assassin Me-Mow is threatening to kill him if he doesn't, but Finn will not allow it.


Finn and Jake visit the Kingdom of Wildberry Princess after she asks them for help. Jake is seen eating Meat Pies and Wildberry Princess explains a Assassin threatens to kill her. Finn find this terrible and is disgusted by how Jake eats the Meat Pies, so he tells Wildberry Princess they should talk in another room, and they leave to another room.

As soon as they leave Jake starts on another pie, but there is a little kitten in the pie. The kitten hisses at Jake then revealed herself as Me-Mow, a 2nd Class Assassin of the Assasinist Guild, and said She has come to kill Wildberry Princess. Jake tells him that he is not Wildberry Princess, and Me-Mow states that She knows this and tells Jake She will poison Him if He doesn't kill Wildberry Princess and she will not give him the antidote unless he kills Her.