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Jake's Tough Break is a game on the Cartoon Network website.


After being cursed by Magic Man, Jake's limbs are now detachable, and he must get Magic Man's hat to become normal again.


The gameplay is relatively easy. Use the right and left arrow keys to move, use the up key to jump, use space to detach limbs, and use the down arrow key to put limbs back on.


On Cartoon Network's website, they offer badges to earn when playing some games. These are the badges for this game.

  • Canine Cannon - Mystery Badge
  • Lend A Hand - Beat three levels
  • Crazy Legs - Beat Level 9 with two legs
  • Speed Freak - Beat Level 7 in 16 seconds
  • Back in One Piece - Beat all the levels
  • Hatmaster General - Beat all the levels and earn 250,000 points