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Incendium is the Season Finale of Season 3 of Adventure Time. It first aired February 13, 2012.


After being rejected by Princess Bubblegum multiple times, Finn sobs at home while Jake finds him a new love interest.


Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum are seen on top of the Tree Fort, Princess Bubblegum is firing liquid fireworks, Jake then compliments Princess Bubblegum's fireworks, and she pets Jake, Finn then gets to close to Princess Bubblegum, Princess Bubblegum then tells him not to be "weird" and tells them she has to go and leaves, it soon starts raining and Finn and Jake hurry into the Tree Fort.

While in the Tree Fort Finn is seen by pictures of Princess Bubblegum and is Sad by being rejected by her again, BMO attempts to cheer him up by turning on a video game for him, but Finn starts singing instead.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • This is an Adventure Time Valentine's Day Episode.
  • The word "Incendium" means, Torch, Flame, Blaze, ect.
  • It is seen that Finn still has Princess Bubblegum's Hair from the episode "To Cut A Woman's Hair."