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The Ice Kingdom is a very cold place that borders the Grass Lands. It is located in northern Ooo. The place is ruled by the Ice King, and is inhabited by Ice creatures (Penguins, Ice-o-Pedes, and more). The Ice King's castle is located there. To the north of the Ice Kingdom are the Unknown Lands. Most of the inhabitants seem to be made of snow and ice. The place is mostly filled with pointy mountains and snow. The highest mountain with a face craved on it is Ice King's Castle. The Ice Kingdom can also be seen from afar, such as how it is able to be seen from the Grass Lands. When Finn spies on Ice King in the Ice Kingdom, he has to wear his yellow sweater.


The Ice Kingdom has many pointy mountains and clouds around them. The tallest one is Ice King's home. There are lots of snow in it.


Known habitants