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Marceline and ice king by hukuzo-d5i37hp.png

Marceline & Ice King have known each other for about 1000 years, when Simon Petrikov found Marceline near the conclusion of the The Great Mushroom War. At this time, Simon was in mid-transformation of turning into the Ice King. Not much is known of their relationship at this point, except that Simon was very close to Marceline when she was young, and that he is the one who gave her her most precious posession, Hambo.

In the present, though Ice King seems to never forget about Marceline, he no longer remembers their past together. However, Marceline remembers and still holds her memories close to her heart.


  • I would probably call this the cutest couple
  • except hes wayy older than her
  • and Finn and he ae the perfect couple