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I Remember You is the 25th episode of Season 4 and the 103rd of Adventure Time.


Ice King journeys to Marceline's house so she can help him write a song, but memories begin to flow when Marceline reads part of his journal.


This episode begins with Ice King singing the Fry Song to Gunter with a wig on his head resembling Marceline's hair. The song is the same except for the fact that some of the words have been changed to "Gunt." He then gets the idea to go see Marceline to ask if she would help him write a song to attract the princesses. Before he leaves, he grabs several pages from his scrapbook for "lyrical inspiration." With his drum set on his back, he flies off to Marcaline's house. Finn and Jake see him flying, and suspect that he's up to no good. So the follow him. When he arrives, she doesn't want to see him but he ignores her comments and comes inside anyway. After a while Marceline opens up to him and they begin to make a song. The Ice King sings about how he wants to be loved by anyone and wants to find out what's wrong with him. After he gets too crazy, Marceline tries to calm him down but ends up getting herself pushed. Ice King, feeling bad tries to stay out of her way, then she proceeds to sing the song "Nuts." Ice King realizes that Marceline cares about him. Ice King takes this the wrong way, and while hugging Marceline, he tries to kiss her; But Marceline states that she doesn't like him that way. It is revealed that Marceline knew him before the war when he was still Simon Petrikov. After looking through his notes Marceline sees writing on a piece of paper, it explains how he was caring for her when she was still a little girl, it then later apologizes for his insane behavior when he was wearing the crown. There is a flashback of Simon discovering Marceline crying in the street. The street is the same as the street Finn and Jake found young Marceline on in the episode "Memory of A Memory." He then gives her a doll, Hambo.


  • This is the first episode that showed that Ice King knew about Flame Princess and showed his opinions on her.
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