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Hunson Abadeer






Deathless Demon


Marceline (daughter), Unnamed Wife


Marceline (partially), Finn (former)

Voice Actor

Martin Olson

Hunson Abadeer / Marceline's dad / The Lord of Evil is the ruler of the Nightosphere. He has no powers of his own, as all of his powers come from the family pass down Nightosphere Amulet. The Amulet turns the wearer's alignment to Chaotic Evil, but seems to have little affect on Hunson, since he is already Chaotic Evil. He doesn't seem to care for anyone, except Marceline, but is not above tricking her into wearing the Nightosphere Amulet to "take over the family business." He first came out in the episode "It Came from the Nightosphere," where Finn summons him from the Nightosphere. After he reunites with Marceline, she tells him to go, so he takes her Axe Bass and states that he would suck all the souls in Ooo.

Hunson's and Marceline's relationships are strained because Hunson ate Marceline's fries. Marcelline did not take it to kindly and even made a song about it.


Hunson originally wore a black suit (somewhat similar to the business men) with a white collared shirt and a red tie with a tie clip. He has a pin on his suit and he has light blue skin with short hair. His cheeks are very skinny and 



he has light green eyes with narrowed red pupils. When he turns to his demon state, his skin is blueish with crossed horns, pink tentacles, dark shadowy extra limbs, and a "soul sack" around his neck.


You are by far the most evil thing I have ever seen. - "It Came from the Nightosphere"

Offer your soul to me, dark one. - "It Came from the Nightosphere"

RAH! Oh, hello, dog. - "Daddy's Little Monster"

Wish for ponies or whatever kids like. - "Daddy's Little Monster"

They weren't even very good, they were really cold. - "It came from the Nightosphere"

You know, just grabbing a midnight snack. - "Return of the Nightosphere"


  • The voice actor of Hunson Abadeer, Martin Olson, is the real father of the voice actress of Marceline, Olivia Olson.
  • He seems to like Karate Kicking, as shown in "It Came from the Nightosphere."
  • He seems to not be up to date with the latest things, because in "It Came from the Nightosphere," he called Marceline's Axe Bass a lute.


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