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Bird's eye view of the kingdom

The Hot Dog Kingdom is the monarch of Hot Dog Princess's rule. It first appeared in "Business Time," where the Battle Cubes were attacking the kingdom. It then appeared in the episode "The Limit." The Kingdom is just simply a dog pen, a dog house and a few grease puddles. The kingdom is in the middle of the Grasslands, and could fall apart in war. The Kingdom is located within the Grasslands, the place Finn and Jake live in. It also made a brief cameo appearance in Love Games where it is attacked by slime tanks.


The Hot Dog Knights live in the kingdom as well. It's unknown if there are any more citizens, but most likely not. It could be possible that the Hot Dog Knights are Hot Dog Princess' sons.


  • The pen is full of grease. As the image shows, it is seeping grease through the fence.
  • The only building there is the doghouse, which is most likely where the knights live.
  • The fence is very rugged