The Goblin Kingdom is one of the kingdoms in the Land of Ooo. It made its first appearance in the episode "The Silent King." The kingdom at that time was being run like a dictatorship. After Finn and Jake overthrew Xergiok, Finn saw that he must take the throne, since the goblins were starting riots and being self-destructive without a leader. But Finn began to dislike being the new ruler of the kingdom, and wanted to resign from his position. Just then, the kingdom was going to be attacked by Xergiok and his army of Earclopes, but Finn and Jake defeated them with claps. Then, Whisper Dan became the new ruler in disguise as Finn. The Goblin Kingdom made another appearance in "Hot To The Touch," where it was attacked by Flame Princess. She was going to claim the land to make her own Fire Kingdom. This did not end up so good, because the place was in even worse condition than it was before. Jake was joking about everyone being dead in the Goblin Kingdom, but everyone was fine. It later made an appearance in "The Great Bird Man" where two gaurds are seen in the kingdom's walls.


The kingdom is surrounded by a wall. Inside are numerous light brown pointed buildings. The castle is at the center of the kingdom. There are many rooms in the castle, including the throne room, the goblin birthing pits, the garden on living fountains, the royal game archive, the royal dragon stables, and the royal bedroom.



  • Although a goblin said that he was born in a cart, it was being counteracted by the fact that in "The Silent King," it says that all goblins are born in the birthing chambers.
  • Finn is technically still king of the Goblin Kingdom.
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