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Adventure Time with Finn the Hedgehog

 Adventure Time with Finn the Hedgehog is a 16-bit genesis game for the genesis emulator. Available in the PSP and a demo version.


Ice King (Dr. Robotnik) has kidnapped Princess Bubblegum (Amy Rose) and it's up to Finn (Sonic the Hedgehog) to save her.


  • Grass Lands Zone (Act 1,2,3) (parody of Green Hill Zone)
  • Cotton Candy Forest Zone (Act 1,2,3)
  • Red Rock Pass Zone (Act 1,2,3)
  • Ice Kingdom Zone (Act 1,2)
  • Ice Kingdom Dungeon Zone (Act 3) 
  • Final Zone (Ice Kingdom)
  • Special Stage (Finn and Jake's Tree Fort)

Playable Characters

  • Finn (Sonic)

Non Playable

  • Ice King (Dr. Robotnik)
  • Princess Bubblegum (Amy Rose)


  • Penguin Shooter
  • Penguin Jumper 
  • Penguin Propeller
  • Penguin Golem (Metal)


  • This game is the a parody of the old genesis game, Sonic the Hedgehog 1991.
  • The sprites will be soon followed.
  • This marks the first appearance of Finn (in Hedgehog form)


Nothing here yet. :(

 Angry Birds Adventure Time

Angry Birds Adventure Time is a touch, slide game. Available in the IOS and Android.


Between Angry Birds and Adventure Time, Ice Pig (King Pig) has captured the 3 gems of the princess' crowns. And it's up to the heroes (The Flock) to retrieve it.


Red the Human (Finn the Human)

Red the Human is Finn. He has no ability when he gained his golden sword in Level 6-16. When the player finished "Hero Training", he will gain the blood demon sword from his father.

Terence the Dog (Jake the Dog)

Terence the Dog resembles Jake. He is bigger than the Big Brother Bird but he has stretchy powers similar to Jake's. When the player taps, he will turn into a mallet. When the player finishes Level 2-10, his ability was upgraded to a giant.

Princess Stella Bubblegum (Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum)

Princess Stella Bubblegum is Princess Bubblegum. She was unplayable when she appeared in the cutscene where shw was kidnapped by the Ice Pig. She is now playable in Stage: Ice Kingdom. Her ability is her hair to pull the structure of the guntpigs. 

Adventure Time Star Wars

Adventure Time Star Wars is an action pack adventure game. Available in the PSP. Coming Soon in LEGO Version.


Between Adventure Time and Star Wars, explore the galaxy, far, far away!


Finn Skywalker






Bonnibel Organa Solo




Jake Solo


Finn Heroes

Finn Heroes  is a game featured on Xbox 360, Playstation 2, IOS, Nintendo DS, Wii U and Android.


Ice King (Dr. Eggman) is threratening to take over the world and a variety of teams go to stop him.


Team Finn

  • Finn (speed;leader)
  • Jake (power)
  • Marsha (flight)

Team Bubblegum

  • Princess Bubblegum (speed;leader)
  • Lady Rainicorn(flight)
  • Cinamon Bun(power)

Team Dark


Team chaotix


Adventure Time: Ooo's Battle

Adventure Time: Ooo's Battle is a game on the PSP 3. This game is an Adventure Time version of the online game Winx: Bloomix Battle.


Travel with Finn and Jake (the Winx) on an adventure to defeat evil creatures, and save the Land Of Ooo!



Finn (Bloom)

Jake (Aisha)


Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum (Musa)

Lady Rainicorn (Tecna)


Marceline (Stella)

Lumpy Space Princess (Flora)


Heart: Life

Shield: Defense

Sword: Attack

Sparks: Special Move

Plus: Healing Abillity

How To Play

Moving A Player: Drag them away in a straight line.

Attacking: Drag a line from the chosen player to the enemy/target. Once it is defeated, you'll get a coin.

Get A Coin: Click the coin.

Healing: Draw a line from your healer to another player to heal them.

Special Move: Click a player, then tap the "Special Move" button at the top left.

Special Attacks

Finn (Bloom): He uses his demon sword, and slays the enemy, instead of his golden sword.

Jake (Aisha): Uses his stretchy power to make a giant fist, and slash the enemy.

Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum (Musa): Breaks a bottle and makes a shield.

Lady Rainicorn (Tecna): Makes a rainbow from her horn to the ground, and makes a rainbow shield.

Marceline (Stella): Sucks the color from a red apple and uses it to heal everybody.

Lumpy Space Princess (Flora): Eats a sandwich and a green aura surrounds and heals everybody.

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Finn Generations (Sonic Generations)

Through time and space, Ice King (Modern and Classic Dr. Eggman) controlls time that he won't able to master, of his previous defeats in his past. Now that (Classic and Modern) Finn will save time and space before it's too late.


Classic Finn- This gameplay is similar to Adventure Time with Finn the Hedgehog by in 2D. In this gameplay, Finn can do Spin Dash and super-peel out or figure 8 speed.

Modern Finn- This gameplay is similar to Sonic Unleashed  in 3D. In this gameplay, Finn can attack by using melee, range and a special attack. Jake can give him a boost.


  • Grass Lands
  • Cotton Candy Forest
  • The Nightosphere
  • Bad Lands
  • Ice Kingdom (Ice Kingdom Robot)
  • Red Rock Pass
  • Cloud Kingdom
  • Fire Kingdom
  • Candy Kingdom
  • Final Boss Battle (Ice Time Eater)