Flame Princess


Flame Princess


14(since introduction), 15(as of "Earth and Water")




Fire Elemental


Flame King (father)


Ice King (as of Frost and Fire), Princess Bubblegum (as of "All The Little People)

Voice Actor

Jessica DiCicco

Flame Princess is the princess of the Fire Kingdom and Finn's current love interest (girlfriend). Her father is the Flame King. She is described as evil, but has a soft side as seen in the episode "Hot to the Touch." She is also quick to anger, and seems to be ignorant of much of Ooo. After she hugged Finn, she fled because she thought he was a "Water Elemental." It is unknown to where she ran off after she hugged Finn. When her fire is raging and not even attached to her and someone puts out the fire, it hurts her. Flame Princess mostly fled after hugging Finn because she hurt Finn mostly. Her being in the Lamp for a long time maybe caused her to be in the state of anger and/or confusion. In "Hot to the Touch," viewers could notice Flame Princess admiring the environments like she never saw it before. For example, she was admiring the flowers and burned them and she was surprised and when she touched the water, she was seeing her reflection and maybe was unaware that it was water. As of "Burning Low," Finn is finally her boyfriend. She reappears in "King Worm," where she is seen telling Finn to eat his soup. She appears in "Ignition Point," when she asks Finn and Jake to get her scented candles from the Fire Kingdom. She is voiced by Jessica DiCiccio.


She is a fire elemental. Her hair is thick and made out of fire. She has a ruby gemstone on her forehead and wears a red and orange dress. Pendleton Ward revealed that she is based on a candle. She changes her hair and clothing sometimes in the show.


Flame Princess is a very moody girl. She tends to be calm and happy most of the time, but she can get angered easily, and when she does, she gets really furious and out of control. Fortunately, Finn has managed to help her with that, and throughout the series, she has tended to get mad less and shows to have more control over her rage.

Episode Appearances


Growth Giant- She can grow into a giant flame monster, this power was used in the episode "Hot To The Touch."

Fireball Throwing- Flame Princess can shoot fireballs out of her hands. Used in the episode "Hot To The Touch."

Evil Fire Head - Flame Princess can turn her head into something where her eyes and mouth become more openly horrifying and her head will be more yellow and she will have 4 sets of flames that go around. Then she will shoot little red fire lasers out of her hands. They were used in the episodes "Incedium, Hot to the touch (Without the lasers), King Worm (without hand lasers), Ignition Point, and Vault of Bones.

Touching - This is not an intended weapon, but when Flame Princess touches people it hurts them really bad and sometimes serves as a weapon. It was used in the episodes Incendium, Hot to the Touch, Burning Low, and her Mini-Version used it in All the Little People.

Levitation - She can fly that looks like a giant meteor. This was used in Frost and Fire.

Flame Sword - She can produce a bright blue flame sword out of her hands. This was seen on Vault of Bones.

Costumes and Disguises

Arabian Dress - In the episode "Ignition Point" Flame Princess was wearing a clear layer of silk over her dress and had her hair up in a ponytail in the back, she also had buns on the sides of her hair. She was also wearing red shoes. This was arabian clothing. She was even wearing this while she was sleeping.

Tame the Flames - In the episode "Vault of Bones" Flame Princess was wearing her hair down and she was wearing a strapless dress that was flaming at the bottom, but in a very calm and low way.

Wildfire - In the episode "Time Sandwich" Flame Princess was wearing a spiky, frilly, alabrant dress and she had her hair being worn down on the sides, but up in the back.

Oceanbird Springwear - In the episode "Earth & Water" Flame Princess was wearing her hair down, and long. She had a white floral dress.

Flame Queen - In the episode "Earth & Water" Flame Princess was wearing a metal suit and her face looked like her dad's. She also had a titara on with her red gem in it instead of on her forehead.



  • Hi, I'm Flame Princess.
  • Oooh, a boyfriend.
  • Oh he is so cute! Let me out of here so I can hug him.
  • Ugh! Why do you have to keep me trapped inside of a lantern like this?
  • But I wanna get out of here and see the world, not be trapped inside of the Fire Kingdom all my life!
  • But you never take me to see the oustude world! You rarely let me out of my lantern and even when you do let me out, we never leave the confines if the Fire Kingdom!
  • Yay! I'm so glad you're here for me my prince. You are my prince.
  • No!
  • No way father, I am leaving the Fire Kingdom with my prince!
  • WHAAAAAAAAT!?!?!?!?!?!?
  • YEAH RIGHT! I CAN STILL LEAVE HOME WITHOUT MY NOT ANYMORE PRINCE! Goodbye Fire Kingdom and not anymore prince. This flame is burning solo!
  • You should never toy with the emotions of a fire elemental!

Hot To The Touch

  • So this is the outside world. It looks so amazing and new, because i've been trapped in that lantern in the Fire Kingdom for so long.
  • Ow! What? ... Wait is this what water is?
  • Stop stoming on my flames! It hurts me! Wait, are you trying to hurt me? Is that why you keep following me?
  • You told me you liked me which made my flame grow brighter, but then you put my flames out. WHICH HURTS!
  • I've heard this all before.
  • You Meanie!
  • That is the last time you hurt me!
  • Yeah. You cry and cry all the time.
  • I Understand now, your a water elemental.
  • Finn, even if we love each other, wer'e going to hurt each other.
  • You would defy nature for me?
  • Bye Finn.

Burning Low

  • Wow, Finn thanks for building my new home. It's so great to have a place to live in the outside world.
  • I'm so glad I started dating you. You're perfect for me.
  • Yeah looks good. I wanna see inside.
  • HA HA HA HA! I love it! Finn this is awesome!
  • Oh sorry about that Finn.
  • Mmmm.
  • Ooh! Ooh! Do that thing that i like!
  • Well, thank you again for helping me build my new home Finn. I'm so happy to have you as my boyfriend.
  • I feel like, our relationship is going to be so good.
  • Yeah, you've been so nice and helpful to me about everything. You helped me with my new home, you teach me about the outside world, you make me laugh, you are so perfect.
  • See? You make your funny jokes!
  • Bye Finn.
  • I'm okay. I'm okay.
  • Yeah. Let's just use a rock when we do it.
  • I love you Finn.
  • So, are those burn marks on your face going to heal?
  • Ha ha ha ha!

Ignition Point

  • Alright, here it goes.
  • Pretty epic huh?
  • Yeah, my powers are more fun to use when i'm happy than when i'm angry.
  • Ha ha, yeah, sorry about that again Jake.
  • Oh thanks you guys. You guys are so nice.
  • Oh yeah! I love this game!
  • Hee Hee! You guys are full of magic air!
  • It's just that, your farts and burps filled up the air, and now I feel sad.
  • But then i'd have to see my dad, I'm still mad at him for locking me up in there, SO UNFAIR UGH!!!
  • You'd do that for me? Thank's that would be so nice.
  • Just don't let my pop see you. I don't want him thinking I need anything from him.

Vault of Bones

  • Oh, nothing.
  • Ugh. he's so annoying.
  • Oh, not you Jake. I was talking about me dad.
  • He's always whispering to me when i'm not listening. he keeps saying i'm evil.
  • Finn, i'm not having any fun.
  • You keep wanting to do things your way, I don't like your way. Is that because I am evil?
  • I burn it down.
  • The Power of DESTRUCTION!
  • Yes! Yes! Feel my flames puny ones!
  • Do the splits! Do the splits thou milk-livered maggot pie!
  • I forgot how good it felt to destroy stuff.
  • I mean like evil stuff.
  • I'd burn it.

King Worm

  • Come on honey, eat your soup.
  • Eat it now!

Jake Suit

  • Oh Finn! There you are. I was worried because you didn't answer the special occasion phone. All my lesser evil family members are over for a visit. Come eat!
  • Oh my Byork NO! I don't wanna see more!

Frost and Fire

  • I don't know about eating, but it feels nice
  • Why did you pick this spot?
  • Why do they.
  • What did you say to me?
  • It is in the tone of your voice.
  • I can't blieve it. Finn. You wrote that letter?
  • Shh. Stop. I should have known. You were the only one who would know this much about me. That letter said things Finn. Personal things. I thought you were the one person I could, ... I, I have to go.

Earth and Water

  • No, I found out where I was truly destined to be, and that's here, ruling over my weak and miserable inferiors as the queen of the fire kingdom, but we can still be friends.
  • Yeah, and you can always drop by at any time you like, as long as you promise me one thing.
  • That you'll be completely and totally honest with me 100% of the time with no acceptions.
  • Thanks Finn, and I'm serious.


  • Flame Princess was first introduced by Pendleton Ward at a comic-con on 2011.
  • Flame Princess is the only known princess to have invaded a kingdom by herself.
  • She is one of the three characters who constantly change their costumes in various episodes. The other two are Princess Bubblegum and Marceline.
  • When Flame Princess transforms into her larger form or makes her evil fire head, her face ressembles that of her father's.
  • There is a genderswapped version of Flame Princess called Flame Prince. He has yet to appear in the TV show series, but he has been introduced in the comic book series.
  • In the episodes "Incendium" and "Hot To The Touch", Flame Princess has shown to be harmed whenever somebody put out the fires she causes. However, there have been multiple occasions where her fires have been put out and she has shown no harm.
    • In the episode "Burning Low" Finn jumped in the water after Flame Princess set his foot on fire and when the fire was put out, she showed no harm.
    • In the episode "Vault of Bones" Finn threw a torch in the waterthat was lit with Flame Princess's fire and she showed no harm.
    • In the episode "Frost and Fire" Flame Princess threw a fireball at Ice King, and he froze the fire and put it out, and she showed no harm.
  • She is Finn's first official girlfriend.
  • She is revealed to be "evil" as her father states in "Ignition Point." However, it was mentioned by Flame King, that she can be changed to good.
  • She is the third newest princess.


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