Flame King
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Flame King






Fire Elemental


Flame Princess (daughter), Flame King's brother (brother), Furnace and Torcho (nephews)


Jake (possibly)

Voice Actor

Keith David

Flame King is the King of the Fire Kingdom and the father of Flame Princess. He does not just let anyone go out with his daughter. He puts them through a test first. Jake is Prince Finn's messenger but when Flame King says all visiting dignitaries bring gifts Jake says that Prince Finn is not just giving one, but three gifts to the Flame Princess, which seems to please Flame King.

'Prince Finn's' first gift smoked the Flame King's jester. For the second gift Jake sang a serenade "for my lady." For their final gift 'Prince Finn' was going to give Flame King his "favorite thing in the world" which apparently was a koala bear.


He is much bigger than the other fire people. He wears a copper armor suit, carved with rhombus-shaped red gems in the armor's collar with a bigger pentagon-shaped one in the chest. The limb pieces have horizontal stripes with copper and brown colors and his hands are uncovered showing his hand-shaped flames. His head is similar to a giant fireball inside the armor, there are three holes in the flames that form the eyes and the mouth. His crown has five tips and a red gem in the middle. When traveling greater distances, he gets out of his armor as a flame and the armor follows him to the destination. Unlike his daughter, he does not have a humanoid body.


He has the ability to disperse himself as fire and carry his armor along with him.

It is possible that he carries the same abilities as his daughter, Flame Princess.


He has a slightly impatient and demanding personality, stereotypical of royalty. He is also very protective of his daughter, Flame Princess but it is most likly he was the one who imprisoned her in the lamp.


  • After Flame King pulls the lever releasing Flame Princess, his body evaporates and his armor starts to float up. In the immediately following scene where Flame Princess is being lowered, he is in his throne again.


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