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Marshall Lee The Missing Scene fan-animation



Marshall Time Fionna's Fright fanimation

Fionna and Marshall Lee get turned into ghosts and must scare someone by sunset.

Fionna & Marshall Lee are unbelieveablely cute together! Do you think Fionna should be with Marshall Lee or should Fionna be with Gumball? Give evidence or your opinon down below.


In the episode "Fionna and Cake", when Fionna attended Prince Gumball's ball, she peeked into the curtain and Marshall Lee saw her in her dress. By Marshall Lee's reaction, he was surprised to see her and then Fionna just waved, so he hand signaled a sign.

  • Marshall Lee cares for Fionna not only in the sugary love struck way of Prince Gumball, but also as a bro. He loves going on adventures and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty or dress like a gay lumberjack for the hell of it. Fionna and Marshall is PERFECT.
  • Marshall Lee is perfect with Fionna. Marshall Lee may be a Vampire but he's got a heart too. His love for Fionna is unending.
  • I think that Fionna should be with Prince Gumball because Marshall Lee is too dangeous and might kill her.
  • Marshall Lee has similar interests as Fionna. They both active, adventurous, and love violence!
  • By cannon, it is Fionna and Gumball, but Marshal Lee has a higher fanbase than its canonical counterpart.
  • I think they have a stunning relationship, also I think that they both seem to have similar traits that could help this realationship expand. I think they will do great
  • I think its a good couple, but I'm still Fionna and Ice King. I mean, they're madly in love with each other am I right? What a Dumb Relationship is the Fionna and Ice King
  • If Finn and Marceline can survive, with I'm sure it can't, so can this pairing.
  • what if any gederbend copluse ice queenxice king why would fionna like an old hary guy when she can have marshall lee
  • Maybe Marshall Lee can turn her into a vampire so they can be together for all eternity.
  • marshall lee is crazy cute and fiolee is one of the best couples booo gumballxfionna
  • come on no one should denie there love u let edward and bella be together so why not this
  • Marshall Lee even sang for her, so it may be official that fiona is perfect for Marshall Lee.
  • I think that Fionna and Marshall Lee won't end up together. After all, he only appeared on screen for 10 seconds.
  • I think Fionna should be with Marshall Lee because their perfect!
  • Fiolee is the best. I think that because Gumball will always need Fionna's help saving him from the Ice Queen. Fionna doesn't want a man that can't handle his own problems, especially that. Ice Queen sees no interest in Marshall Lee, so Fionna will have no problems. PG will die one day. Marshall can bite Fionna, and they can live together forever. Fionna wants to live forever and adventure. She could even make more humans or vampires. If Marshall bit her, than the adventures would be endless! Besides, Gumball would probably be eaten by a bif monster. He's made of candy for gods sake. Marshall is daring, cute, nice, adventuring, and perfect for Fionna! They are the same! Gumball is a sissy, scrawny, but nice, and too pink. Fionna is a tomboy. She will most likely hate pink if she hates dresses. Ice King wrote that she likes him. She really doesn't. This is why FioLee is best! ~ FionnaTheHumanFIOLEE
  • I don't think they'll get together. It's like Marceline and Finn.
  • At first I didn't think that they could work together, but then I saw those two videos and I felt love and thought that they could be together. Finally, I got sad because I knew that nothing as good as those videos would ever happen in the cannon series.
  • They are epic. They share a lot in common, and know it. I hope they are shipped by the creators of the show. I adore them as a couple. I hate how perfect PG is. It's way too unrealistic. Also, Marshall only wanted Fionna to announce her love for him because he WANTED her to love him. He is nothing without her. 
  • I love Adventure time! I really think Marshall lee and fiona should be together. I think they should be together that much I draw pitchers of them kissing. PG is not really rite for Fiona because he loves to cook to much. Fiona is a explora and loves to adventure crazy sick. Fiona and Marshall are perfect together​.
  • CHEMISTRY IS INTENSE, guys. It's really intense. I wouldn't ship FIOLEE if I didn't feel the extreme awesomeness of the chemistry. Listen to Little Bad Boy over and over and you'll get my point. I really do hope they end up.