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Fionna (previously spelled Fiona, and is also known as Fionna the Human Girl) is a fictional character and the gender-swapped version of Finn, created by the Ice King in his fan fiction. She was created during the series by character designer Natasha Allegri, as a series of web comics and drawings. She and the other gender-swapped characters appeared in the season three episode, "Fionna and Cake." She is usually seen in the company of her own stretchy companion: Cake. Fionna's nemesis is the Ice Queen. It's evident that like Finn had a crush on Princess Bubblegum, Fionna has a crush on Prince Gumball. She has appeared again in Season 5 in the episode "Bad Little Boy".


While usually appearing as black dots, her eyes are seen as blue when enlarged. She wears a rabbit-themed hat (similar to Finn's bear-themed hat) with exposed locks of blonde hair. And unlike Finn, her neck is showing. Her outfit includes a tealish-blue shirt with elbow-length sleeves, a dark blue skirt, and high-knee socks with two thin, light blue horizontal stripes at the top. Fionna is a heavier set than Finn (which Natasha referred to as "chubby cute"). She has a green backpack (similar to Finn's backpack ovalish shaped) and Mary Jane shoes.


  • Her name was officially changed from "Fiona" to "Fionna," presumably to make it more similar to Finn's name. The pronunciation, however, has remained unchanged.
  • Like Finn had a crush on Princess Bubbblegum, it is revealed in many portraits posted that Fionna had a crush on Prince Gumball.
  • Fionna has buck teeth like a rabbit. Coincidently, she has a rabbit hat.
  • Revealed on Natasha Allegri's formspring account, the dress she designed for Fionna is based off Princess Serenity's dress from the anime, Sailor Moon. This may also be the inspiration for Fionna's rabbit-themed hood, as Sailor Moon's main character is named "Usagi", which is Japanese for "rabbit." Usagi, or Sailor Moon, also has a talking feline companion named Luna.
  • A skull that has a hat similar to hers is shown in "Beautopia" shown above the decaying corpse of a cat.
  • Just as Finn is "all about" things, she claims she is "all about" swords when given the crystal sword.
  • Fionna is strong enough to lift and hold Prince Gumball, similar to how Finn could lift up Princess Bubblegum.
  • When Fionna is talking to Prince Gumball she states "not that I'm thinking about butts," which could be a reference to Finn's butt ridden imagination zone in "Rainy Day Daydream."
  • She is called tomboy by Ice Queen, which is true.
  • She was mentioned along with Cake by the Ice King in the episode "King Worm."
  • Because of the fact that Finn devoted his love to Flame Princess instead of Princess Bubblegum, Fionna might now have a crush on Flame Prince instead of Gumball which will very likely be shown in the next episode with Fionna and Cake in season 5.
  • Fionna's present crush is Marshall Lee as shown in the episode "Bad Little Boy"


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