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(Finn and Jake pull themselves through the portal; Which was made in the episode "The Lich" after Finn destroyed The Enchiridion.)

Finn and Jake: (Moaning)

(The Lich disguised as Billy arrives towards a Yellow Cube)

Finn: He's heading to that cube! Come on Jake!

Jake: Oh yeah.

(Finn and Jake head into the Yellow Cube; The Lich is laughing)

Lich: Hehehehahaha!

(The Lich Disappears)

Finn: What! He's Gone...

Jake: What? What Happened?

Prismo: Hey! Hey! Did you guy's see that? You know that was a ghost wearing a Dead Guy? That might be the nasties thing i ever seen, N-a-n-a-n Nasty, Nasty Jazz. Nast-

(Jake Interrupts)

Jake: Hey, Hey, Hey! Easy Buddy. That was are friend Billy, he was possessed by The Lich.

Prismo: Sorry, sorry! I didn't mean nothing by it, i got lots of nasty friends. My Uncle is nasty, I'm basically honorary nasty.

Finn: (Jake stretches him to the floor) Do you know where he went? We got to save are friend.

Prismo: Who knows.

Finn: Oh....

Prismo: Actually, It depends on the wish I gave him.

Finn: Wish? (Confused)

Prismo: Yeah, he wished for the extiction of all life, and I did it. I guess it changed the timeline or something.

Finn: What?! Oh Glob!

Jake: Wow, wait a minute. how can that be if i'm still here kicking it with my main man Finn?

Prismo: That's because you're safe in my time room until you make your Wish.

Finn & Jake: Ohhh.

Jake: I wish that life wasn't anymore extinc-

Finn: (Pushes Jake's arm down) Wait Jake! Don't mess this up, think about it. If we wish everything back to normal, The Lich would just jazz everything up again!

Jake: Oh yeah, jazz.

Finn: (Thinking) Hmm...

Jake: (Also Thinking) Hmm....

Finn: I got it! I wish... The Lich... never ever even Existed!