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Can Finn & Marceline be? Write your opinon on what you think or give evidence to it down below.


Some evidence of Marceline and Finn's love. Marceline


and Finn seem to hang very much and Marceline has even kissed Finn before. This is some evidence that gives proof of a more than just friends relationship.


  • My opinon is that they are not in a love relationship now but they can be something in the future. I do love how they do look cute together but Finn is so young and Marceline is over 1000 years old. I would like to see more love action in future episodes.
  • Seeing as it is a non-cannonical pairng in the show, from a story point it is unlikely.
  • One of the more popular pairings in the AT world.
  • Despite the fact that Marceline is 986 years older than Finn, they both ACT the same age when together. Age shouldn't matter in Adventure Time, and there is no law against it or at least not that's been heard?
  • I do not think they are in a love relationship, in the episode "Go With Me" Marceline even says that she does not love Finn. Finn is frightened of her..
  • This is a great couple but they aren't going out.
  • Marceline stated in "Daddy's Little Monster" that she didn't want to hang out with F&J anymore. So... They're never going to hook up.
  • Disclaimer: I don't feel right deleting ^ since this is in the opinion section, but Marceline saying this at the end of Daddy's Little Monster was a joke, and she will be coming in future episodes.
  • I love Marceline and Finn and I think it would be awesome if they were together but really that would never happen in adventure time with FP and PB and she is a thousand years old but that doesnt matter cause she is immortal but even then the "biological" age or the year she got turned into a vampire?.....or whatevs you want to call it seems to be a lot older than Finn.Adventurer101 (talk) 00:21, August 28, 2013 (UTC)
  • No. Finn is perfectly happy with FP, besides Marcaline has a way different personality than his.
  • FP still has the potential to go sour with her foreshadowed battle with the evil within her. It is highly unlikely her father would let her be good.
  • Finn_&_Marceline_~_Deer_in_the_Headlights

    Finn & Marceline ~ Deer in the Headlights

    Marcy's in the headlights

    Finn has already proven to show concern about how stable his relationship is with FP. Finn takes the advice of a dating book called Mind Games and tries to act more mysterious, claiming he needs to keep all the ladies in a state of confusion; that way, he has "options in case Flame Princess doesn't work out." Finn would not state this unless he felt that way since he is a horrible liar and takes his feelings for those he cares about seriously.
  • Marceline has shown to be the closest freind Finn has aside from Jake. In the episode Go With Me after stating she didnt want to date him, that her condition was no tongue. Now why would you make a point of no tongue, yet nothing saying he couldnt kiss her otherwise? That implies they could kiss which resulted in a confused shocked Finn answering Ye-what? With how she teases Finn, surely if it was a joke she would have laughed or enjoyed the moment of his confusion.
  • Marceline has shown to have trouble expressing her feelings aside from the use of song. Those who she cared about end up leaving or hurting her (Ash, Simon, her father). It is also known she only blushes in times of great emotion.
  • Finns possible hidden/future feelings are probably best displayed in Daddy's Little Monster when he rescues her. Not only risking his life but his purity he put on the amulet knowing he would be corrupted/controlled by demonic energy. He was able to resist its urges until he safely pushed her out of the Nightosphere. Risking his future as a hero of Ooo, his alignment, and his life goes beyond what he has done for past relationships where he simply risked his life alone.
  • It's strange that in Bad Little Boy Marceline presented her genderbent as constantly flirting and messing with Fionna, Finn's genderbent. However, in the end of the episode, Marshall Lee and Fionna's relationship is left a bit unresolved. Could this be Marceline's way of showing her feelings about Finn?

    Love will find a way


    A kiss under the moon